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Utarinex state in 1.6


With the changes to DR, Utarinex lost a big part of its turn 1 damage. Is it still worth to keep it over utahsino because of the increased health? Also, is Thor unarguably the best Sino hybrid now?

R.I.P Utahrinex

well from my experience utrainex can still take out thor 1v1 :slight_smile:
and with the slowing strike she can regain turn advantage or maintain it. I still love her but will be waiting for a metahub tier list :smiley:


Well it’s officiall you killed off utahrinex with this nerf. The added attack or the slow strike is nothing but a cover up for the nerf. Thx ludia from all the utahrinex users.


I’m liking the change so far

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I’m still using the little booger. I do miss the rampage attack, but giving it that slow allows it to live longer.


and now she can impact and run into dracoceratops if lucky :smiley:

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Still using mine, doubt I will swap it out either.


It got rebalanced pretty much perfectly. It got weakened in matchups that supposed to win against it (I-Rex for example) while giving it some extra bit of boxing capability against other dinosaurs (it got better against Indoraptor for example).

I still use mine and I would say she performs perfectly fine. It’s now, as intended, a tankier Utahsinraptor with added utility (running move) but a bit less upfront damage potential.

It’s also a lot less frustrating to play against now.


Finally starting to beat the annoying thing :grin:


Kind of reminds me of when they changed gorgosuchus a few patches back. I had to relearn how to use it, but I love it all the same. I don’t have rinex yet, so it will be as if the change never happened. I still got beat by it today.


mine is 27 and i think did like 3K+ distracting damage turn 1. even i can admit that’s a little excessive. a 30 is probably 4K+.

waiting for them to tone down the green dilo’s dual 3K+ attacks now


Honestly, apart from the loss of massive turn 1 damage, I don’t think it has changed much at all. If anything, it has some better match-ups against other dinos (like against Spinotasuchus and also Indoraptor). It’s got some added versatility with slowing strike actually. I like this change on Utarinex and will keep leveling it up.


It got better against Indoraptor, arguably against Spinachsuchus (it always twoshot it though) while getting weaker against Magnapyrritor, I-Rex and I assume Erlidominus (don’t have personal experience with that).

But now there is also plenty more counterplay to it and it is not so much being butchered by rampage into instant charge. It’s a world difference getting hit for roughly 1840 damage on turn one vs 2240 something like it used to.

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I haven’t used my rinex really today, how’s it changed against indoraptor?


Yeah, agreed. It is definitely worse vs Indom, Magna and Erlidom. But I really love this Utarinex change. Before the update I was in doubt if it would remain on my team after 1.6 dropped. But now I have zero doubts of it.


Assuming Indo goes evasive, Utarinex needs to hit once through evasive (preferably with distracting impact) and can actually take out Indo by turn 4. Distracting impact, IC, Slowing strike, Impact and run (and Indo is dead).


Don’t say that i am still yet to make that green machine i can’t go losing out before i have even had chance to gain lol


Now the rinex combo cannot take out monostegotops at same level, it still takes out a stegocera at same level with the just right amount of damage.

Thor is now a great draco counter I would say, at least sort of. When it crits and one shot a swapped in dracoceratops, it will have both DSR and IC up for the next Dino. Even if it doesn’t one shot it, you opponent will seriously consider whether to swap it out to let a another Dino taking thor’s DSR. Although you still will take a hit from draco for the previous Dino, but you also prevent it from being reused again and set yourself up nicely.

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