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Utarinex stun Bug


I’m normaly pretty wary of such bug reports, since people don’t always understand how speed and instant attacks actually work, but it seems at least something was actually wrong here.

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Bug Description: Utarinex doesn’t get stunned after a distinctive attack-pattern

Area is was found in: Arena battle

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Utarinex (22) vs Utarinex (25)
Step 2 - both use their Distracting Rampage
Step 3 - The higher lvl (enemy) Uta uses instant charge, but doesn’t stun my Uta which itself proceeds with instant charge which i choose as its 2nd move
Step 4 - stun animation on enemy Uta goes off, indicating the stun on it.
Step 5 - enemy Uta wasn’t actually stunned and proceeds to kill my Uta with its basic attack.

How often does it happen: once until now.

What type of device are you using: BQ

It seems like at least the animation is bugged here, if not even the stun itself.


This isn’t a bug. Faster dino goes first after IC stun, cause you already used your turn.


But they also used a priority move. Just like if Indor goes evasive and you use IC. If the stun lands then Indor loses it’s turn and you get another hit. I think this is the same situation. So I think OP is right that the other Uta should have lost a turn.


If i land my stun after he hasn’t, in the next round he should be faster, yes, but also stunned. Therefore i shouldn’t have been killed.


Nope. Opponents Utarinex is faster so he outspeeds you with IC. So you stun him and would normally get one more hit, but cause it used IC you stunned him for that turn. So after stun its already next (third) turn.


In Indo case Evasive is turn 0 as it’s move without damage, while IC is turn 1. So Indo is stunned fo turn.

In this case is:
Turn 1 (25) DR
Turn 1 (22) DR
T 2 (25) IC (stunned for this turn)
T 2 (22) IC
T 3 (25)


Instant Charge moves are always confusing. Especially when both dinos use them. I am confused by “turn 0” though. Evasive still counts as a turn. You are giving up an attack by choosing to use it.

So I would think it works more like this:
Turn 1 (25) DR
Turn 1 (22) DR
T 2 (25) IC (stun doesn’t land)
T 2 (22) IC (stun lands)
T 3 (25) – Stunned for this turn

I think the fact that the lvl 25 stun didn’t land is important.


OP is correct and it is a bug in what happened. Same thing works for any similar scenario where you stun a faster dino or where the dino acted before you.

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This is exactly how it should have proceeded.

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I think that they coded Evasive like SIA moves, before anything else. That’s why I said turn 0.


This is not a bug… It’s how it’s supposed to work…


Definitely a bug as they both used priority (higher level still going first) and the lower level stunned the higher one. Higher should not have been able to select a move on the next turn since it’s faster but got stunned. Pretend the priority moves were just regular stunning moves because the order in which they were applied is the same as the priority of the dinos anyway.


this is not correct. evasive counts as a turn


It happens like every single time you stun a faster Dino

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I’m just going to leave this here

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Thanks! I think it is the fact that it’s a priority move and a stun move that was throwing me off.


I didn’t understand. You were right and its a bug? Or it’s how it’s supposed to be?


Honestly. I don’t know :joy:

I’m pretty sure the fact that the lvl 25 didn’t land the stun means it shouldn’t have been able to go the second time. I think this describes it best:

But I don’t think priority moves are right all the time so I could be completely wrong. I’d like to see what Ludia actually says about it since it was originally reported as a bug.

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Yh i get what you mean and don’t get it myself you should have had another shot at utarinex after you stunned


I don’t understand what you’re describing here.

Are you the higher or lower utarinex?

If the higher stuns the lower, that is very important because the stun runs out the same turn.

If the lower stuns the higher and succeeds, the higher will lose it’s NEXT turn.

So to me if the stun from the 25 landed, it sounds like your stun didn’t.

T1: Utarinex (25) uses DR. Utarinex (22) uses less powerful DR due to distraction.
T2: Utarinex 25 uses IC. If stun lands, Utarinex 22 doesn’t get a move. If not, Utarinex 22 uses IC. If 22’s stun lands, 25 loses T3. If not, 25 gets to hit turn 3.

So based on this - what happened turn 2? Did their stun land and you moved to turn three where you used IC and it didn’t land and they were able to use strike to kill you?

I mean, from the get-go, you’re almost always going to lose that matchup because of T1 distracting rampage damage that halves your future damage for 2 turns.