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Utarinex Swap-in Move?


Since mundane dinos like Dracorex & Dracoceratops have swap-in moves, shouldn’t Utarinex get something? Obviously DSR is to OP, so maybe a stun or a standard strike. Any thoughts?


Just a thought, what about Swap in Distraction? I don’t have Utarinex nor have I ever faught one so Idk


wow bro believe me, you just gave me a great idea, sincerely utarinex needs a rework for more than they say no, it has a lot of life, yes! and for that reason is better than utasinoraptor ?, i do not think so, I think ludia should consider return the devastation… now the impact and run should become this new movement, critical impact and run, or too can be the swap in critical impact, this comes from her father, utasinoraptor, and so her would not lose this power because I only have 5% crit while utasino 45%,


Don’t think swap in but a rampage and run would make up for the loss of distracting rampage


exactly, but well the swap can works too!, and where’s the critical impact of utasinoraptor in utarinex?


Its all good but not a massive fan of crit impact and as for swap in does utasino or dracorex have 1?


Whatever, we can all agree in this “Utarinex needs a rework, becouse utasino is better than her”

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Yh thats for sure makes sense to have the unique better then the legendary


Ludia already increased Utarinex attack when they reworked distracting rampage to compensate it. As a result, her T1 damage is spread out across multiple turns. I don’t think that consider as a lost.

By the way, she is currently well balance imo. Adding any swap in move could just make her evermore op.


Oh yh forgot about that detail haha my bad well yh guess so. I don’t have rinex and not sure i want to create and also find it fairly easy to deal with in arena


.-. utasino have more speed, armor and more damage .-., oh ! and of course the critical impact, dude, i preffer the original damage of the utarinex, instead of the distracting impact, .-. obviously it needs the devastation … it’s a unique not a legendary!


Before of the “buff of utarinex damage” , in the past, utarinex was a beast, a very balanced unique dinosaur with the x2 distracting rampage, now have 1.5x (x2) not cool and not very useful


As a rinex player, I would like a swap in ability. I think swap in destraction would be most fitting. But the thing I want the most for rinex is 15-20% armor!


Not really, they have their uses, both of them

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Can we not make another abomination? :roll_eyes:
Utarinex is balanced. Don’t fix what ain’t broken.


Nope, you think utarinex is a balanced unique, yeah okay, and why some prefer continue leveling up their utasinos? :smiley: … we need the devastation or other abilities in the past utarinex was a balanced dino… now… NO


Then, Ludia would nerf utahsino!!!
Don’t expect too much!!!
(Today, I learned it from something else.)


Because now Utahsinoraptor is not directly outclassed and has a niche, as should be. No dinosaur should be the direct upgrade of another.

And if you think 2400+ turn one damage that cut yours in half was balanced on a dinosaur that also can stun you, then run away, you are mental.

Utahsinoraptor has higher single target damage but is more frail despite the armor and can’t swap out without wasting a turn.

Utarinex has more utility and survivability because of the running move and the higher HP.

They are balanced as is.


And then, Stegodeus should be returned…all balanced dinos also should be returned…

Do you want this?

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That would be cool for utarinex… Blue should also have a swap in distraction…

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