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Utarinex VS Dracoceratops (JWA Battles #17)

Welcome back to JWA Battles! It’s been a while. Two weeks? Wow. Since it’s been a while I suppose we’ll refresh on how the game works… we compare the sizes, weapons, and powers of JWA (and JWTG’s) hybrids to see who’d win in a fight.

Last time, Pteraquetzal yeeted @Dimodactylus for no apparent reason who is still somehow alive, and got into a fight with Darwinzopterus and won that so… cuddos to him!

This time, the two hybrids are different, because one’s a superhybrid and the other is a normal one. But they both use Dracorex in fusion so… Utarinex, the risen unique speedster of JWA 2.0, and Dracoceratops, the rat that makes me glad I quit before 2019. Time to see which headbutter will prevail!

Height: 8 Ft
Length: 10 Feet
Weight: 1000 Pounds
Bite Force: 1000 Pounds (Utahsino actually has 1,350, debunked myself!)
Speed: 22 MPH
Weapons: Teeth and Claws at a minimal level, and headbutting
Advantages: Intelligence, Physical Strength, Speed
Disadvantages: Size and armor
Utarinex is partially carnivorous, 25% to be precise, being made from Utahraptor, Sinoceratops, and Dracorex. It is very fast, but not that big. It could be bigger, since it’s debatable if Dracorex is just a baby Pachycephalosaurus, but otherwise, not that big. It is intelligent for a mostly herbivorous animal, however, and quite defensive at the same time with some armor to back it up. I know what the game says, but yes, this thing has a bit of armor. Again, though, it’s not that big. Only weighing half a ton, it can stand up to smaller hybrids but not as much for larger ones. Overall, Utarinex is a fast, armored, intelligent herbivore that is not very large.

Height: 12 Ft
Length: 14 Ft
Weight: 1.25 Tons
Bite Force: 250 Pounds
Weapons: Biting at a minimal level with some clawing, and headbutting
Advantages: Size and armor, better weaponry, slower
Disadvantages: Less physically powerful, not as intelligent,
Dracoceratops, or the rat that made people sick in 2019 and made me glad I quit before 2019, is a hybrid of Dracorex and Triceratops, specifically the Gen 2 variants. It is a lot bigger than you’d expect, weighing 1.25 tons but is otherwise around the size of your typical Pachycephalosaur. I don’t know how it holds that weight on a smaller body, but its headbutt is more efficient that other pachycephalosaurs thanks to its ceratopsian horns, and of course, like any other hybrid that fuses with a ceratopsian, it has armor. And like any hybrid, it has its flaws. It’s not too smart, and is only mid-mized. Overall, Dracoceratops is very well defensive and armored, but not too smart or big.

Utarinex is chewing on a bush, when a Dracoceratops knocks him down. Dracoceratops roars at the smaller pachycephalosaur, and continues walking. Not happy with the act of disrespect displayed, Rinex charged at Draco and knocks him over. Dracoceratops gets back up and charges, leading Rinex to do the same. Both get into a headbutt lock, pushing each other with equal force, before Rinex cleverly steps on Draco’s foot, and headbutts him in distracting impact style to knock him to a tree. Draco gets back up and charges at Rinex, who barely dodges. Rinex lands and jumps at Draco and uses his teeth to latch onto Draco’s horns, who tries to shake him off. Draco rams into a tree, slamming Rinex into it. Draco attempts to step on Rinex, but he quickly moves out the way to ram him again. Draco charges again, catching Rinex between his horns and rams him into a boulder, destroying it. Rinex makes the final push by charging Draco, who catches him with his arms mid-headbutt and throws him far enough to fall off a cliff. Draco jumps down, since it turned out the cliff wasn’t that high. Draco looks around for Rinex, ready to charge. Suddenly, Rinex jumped out a bush and caught Draco in a headbutt, and continued moving, until a different cliff a couple 100 feet above water showed up, and attempted to push Draco in it, but Draco pulls Rinex with him. Both clash while falling, headbutting mid-air. Rinex notices a part of the lake was covered in slime, realizing he could use it as a trampoline, headbutt Draco into it and charged at it as well. Draco bounced the opposite way and into the lake, while Rinex bounced back onto land, hearing a splash from a Megachelon finishing Draco. Rinex sees another bush and decides to help himself to it, happy with his triumph.

That was certainly unexpected, but what happened, again? Quite simple, really. Once again, the fight is not a simulation and that was a fantasy way of how it could’ve gone down. In reality, Utarinex would win due to some key advantages. Utarinex was physically stronger, being able to utilize claws and his teeth to bring down Draco, should the situation call for it. He was also smarter, thanks to his Jurassic World raptor intelligence he could always find a way to take out Draco easier, even when the situation looked hopeless. Draco’s only true advantage was size, armor, and weaponry, which would allow for 4-40 wins compared to 6-60 wins out of 10-100, but Rinex’s speed, physical prowess, and intelligence allowed him to take the cake, making the winner of this fight Utarinex!


Agree with the winner? Calcs? Comment your thoughts below! Don’t forget to suggest fights, and look out for bonus episodes starting soon! The next fighters will be revealed… well, one of them.

A battle between similar hybrids with a one key ingredient being a difference…

Magnapyritor VS ???


FYI, weapons will be shown in sneak peeks now, because showing the stats and advantages spoils the winner at times. As for next time, the opponent won’t be shown even after this one is done. Have fun finding out who has one ingredient dissimilar to Mags, lol.

when will you do the fight between mammolania and 2 smilonemys?

I think I’m gonna do Monolorhino VS Mammolania instead, that may be a bonus fight tho

Ohh :cry: np

Annnnnd the rat finally dies. Well, once here, once in Dinosaur Battles. Also, warned ya, still not showing Magna’s opponent. Have fun with that, lol.