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Utarinex vs Utasinoraptor - Which is better?


I read an older post like this that didn’t really give many answers, so I am in hopes that there may be a good answer in this…

So I have a lvl 21 Utarinex (just created her) and my wife has a lvl 21 Utasinoraptor and we compared the stats…


I am having a hard time deciding if it is worth the extra health and the 2x damage with distracting rampage to continue with the Utarinex since the Utasinoraptor has better speed, attack and armor…

Which is actually the better of these 2? Does the extra health and the hit and run move compensate Utarinex to be better than Utasinoraptor? I’m sure higher level players that have played both of them at similar levels has some info to help me decide which way to go…


Yes. A million times yes.

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I used Utasino for a long time until I made Rinex. Rinex is far superior.

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read the other posts, but utarinex is worth it if you have the resources


How is it compared to Thoradolosaur? I don’t have enough Sinoceratops for both but I think I can either make Utinarex or Thoradolosaur


Utarinex is better than Utasinoraptor in following ways:

  1. Survivability: Having much more health is way better than having some armor, health ensures a creature can take this many hits, while having armor will not save you against attacks that go through armor.

  2. Automatic swap: The game starts with 4 dinos, you only have to defeat 3. At a certain point you will need to swap out. A manual swap will lose a turn, but impact and run will do some damage on the turn when swap happens. Moreover, this can also trigger SIA like manual swap and now you know which creature you will swap into, so you can decide whether to swap or not.

  3. Stability: Utasinoraptor, in many situations, needs to rely on the 45% crit to kill an opponent. Utarinex, on the other hand, has much more stable damage output so you can plan your strategy better.


Agree with everyone… Unless the nerf becomes a reality…


Ryt i agree


IDK until I unlock my Utarinex, and then level up Utasinoraptor to L21 to compare them, I’ll get back to you and let you know my thoughts. But I have a suspicion that Utasinoraptor will be superior to Utarinex in that it’ll have more utility (it can lead, it can revenge kill, it can insta-stun, it can crit, it has armour, etc). With the coming changes to Distracting Rampage it will mean you won’t be able to lead with Utarinex and it’ll become a revenge killer at best, not having the bang for it’s buck when it needs it, like Utasino has.

Also I don’t think Impact and Run is a very good move as it severely limits ‘choice’ adds RNG to selection and can just as easily dump you into a disadvantageous situation as advantageous. I would rather handle switches myself, so for my playstyle Utasinoraptor makes more sense. That said I’m looking forward to unlocking and trying out Utarinex, even if I do end up focusing on levelling up utasinoraptor instead.


I don’t have too much experience with utarinex (unlocked it yesterday) but I love it right now :smiley: I like utasino as well (was on my team until utarinex came in). The armor on utasino is good and it can do a lot of damage but you have to rely on the crit to actually crit and if it gets slowed down it can’t take more than 2 hits before it is dead.

Utarinex on the other hand can take a few hits and can do a lot of damage every time (not relying on crits or anything). Best is that it can just get out of a bad situation with swap-out (and you can set up some good things with this move as well)

And it can counter indoraptor (has enough hp to take a big hit if indo doesn’t crit) pretty well as far as I can tell.

Both dinos are really good but utarinex works better in most teams at least for me.