Quite lucky in fusing it! I got 80 DNA of this dino before this event and could level it up to lv23 in 17 fusions :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Give me all of your dracorex :grin:

Nearly there…


Gz but is ugly and a girl dino xd


The beautiful utasinoraptor undergoing plastic surgery and the end result :exploding_head:


The ugly ones need love too and they usually treat you better… Utarinex, you go girl



I see you are top 20 right now. How much do you play?

For me, I was hanging around 80-160 until yesterday’s losing streak but still top 300. Play about 2 hours per day but that’s mostly because I take a subway train to work. Also, paid about $400 for VIP and the level up deals.


I’ve started playing this game the end of May. The amount paid till 5/8 is around $4k. I would have spent a few hundreds more after that.


I have that baby girl too. Paid dearly to get her leveled up also. If she’s one of the Fab Four going into battle I use her. Never lets me down.


Im not near of start creating him, since i wasted all my sino dna in allosino haha, im in half way to create elridominus and whit luck i can start creating trykosaurus soon, but dont know if worth replace a 21 unique for 24+ legendarys :s


That is sooooooo ugly :sweat_smile:

But well done


Seriously, this Unique seems worse than Diloranosorous and is suposed to be buffed up. Please at least change the Minor Stunning to Superiority.