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Is Utarinex worth it? I find a decent amount of Sinoceratops near me…but not enough to both level Utasinoraptor and create Utarinex AND level my Allosino. I’ve been reading really awesome things about Allosino lately so I’m torn. I have both Utasino and Allosino on my team, Utasino is lvl 18, Allosino is lvl 17. I have enough DNA to bump either one up a level currently. I was wondering if I should focus on Utasino in order to create Utarinex in the next couple months, or if I should just throw all that DNA at Allosino. Can anyone post stats and moves for Utarinex? I love the way both Utasino and Allosino play but obviously I can’t level both effectively. TIA!!


I think this is what you’re looking for…


Base on my encounter with Utarinex so far, which has sadly been more than I would like :joy_cat:, I’m going to say it’s worth it. But before you put your Sino dna to level up your Utahsinoraptor, you should make sure you can get enough Dracorex dna first. If not, I’d say work on Allosinosaurus while you accumulate the rest of the materials for Utarinex. I’ve had more than enough Sino dna to create Utarinex since the last armor event but I still haven’t been able to create her because Dracorex dna is hard to come by for me so meanwhile I’ve upped my Allosinosaurus to 24 as I keep collecting more Sino and Dracorex dna


I actually come across Dracorex everyday. But it’s only a level 16 right now so maybe you’re right and I should bump Allosino a couple levels while levelling and gathering Draco.


Yes, thank you!


Utarinex is crazy good now. It was barely fine before its redo but now I’m hunting every dracorex like a T-rex. It’s one of my top priority for level up to say the less.


Utharinex is one of the best uninques right now, best used for opening dino


What level should I get her to before I start putting her onto my team? I’m still trying to create her :joy: but my team average level around 23 right now so I figure at birth level 21 may make her a weak link?


Average of 23 what does that mean? If your stegodeus is 30 then the rest of you team is barely 21-22. And if they are around 23 but are parasaurolophus that’s another thing.
So it doesn’t really mean anything, better post your team if you want an advice.

And for utarinex it depends on your rank but it’s crazy good at 21 already (that’s not the case for every unique). He can even handle low level difference in mirror match which is a really strong point.


Obviously, no way my Stegodeus is level 30. One can dream, but probably won’t happen

Stegodeus: 27
Tragodistis: 26
Indodraptor: 25
Monomimus: 25
Allosinosaurus: 24
Trykosaurus: 24
Tryostronix: 23
Diloracheirus: 23

If I do manage to create Utarinex, I would also need to decide who to swap out.


It depends on your opener set at the moment. I would say allosinosaurus since I’m not fan of it but it’s level is more than decent. The rest of the team is pretty stacked itself you’re not in a hurry :joy:

I’m sure you already face à lot of utarinex and even at 21 they are a force to reckon with (and it’s really fun because before the update I used to laugh at them :joy:)


To be honest, I haven’t had a chance to do the tournament yet. The week before the tournament I kept facing and losing to teams of strong uniques (namely, Utarinex). I grind like crazy the past weeks to level up my team and managed to unlock two more Uniques (Tuoramoloch and Erlidominus) but then I keep timing out finding opponents :joy_cat: So, no idea how well my current team is working out for me yet :rofl: I’m at like 4130 or something after the tournament reset.


Just drop tragodistis for utharinex, im not a big fan of trago


Am I the only one who thinks Utarinex sounds like an STD … ?


I don’t have utarinex yet but I do have Utasinoraptor and I love that thing, it’s so versatile. Anyone care to explain how utarinex is better?


I feel like if I create Utarinex, I will still need to level her up a bit more first


I prefer the legendary utahsinoraptor to be honest

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Much higher damage, even better movesets. I actually replaced my Utahsinoraptor with Allosinosaurus because head to head at same level, Allo will win due to having higher hp. It’s happened to be several times and if it weren’t because I don’t have any other dinos in my deck, I would not have had the two go head to head.

But with that being said, if Utarinex doesn’t exist then I would totally level the heck out of Utahsinoraptor because speed is still very important


I think it sounds like the treatment for one.


Excuse my language but how the heck are you not in top 100 with a team lineup like that??

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