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Utasiniraptor or Pirritator?

I really hesitate between the utasiniraptor or the Pirritator what do you recommend?

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Ok thanks to you

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pyrritator, only because I want magnapyritator

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And why Pyrritator has more useful attacks!

not really
utah is just more useful than pyri due to the instant charge and the ability to constantly distract. Also, utah has the best design out of all of the raptors and that is no contest


also this cool image


Utah is useful for distracting, but against a resilient dino it is useless, instead the Pyrritator, as well as distracting, also has attacks that break shields!

but pyri can be slowed down by the resilient attacks and will die the next turn whereas utah has armor and instant charge, so it can just stun the resilient and do more overall damage. The armor also makes it sturdier. so pyri would die whereas the utah has a higher chance of making it out alive or doing more damage.

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Against an Ankylosaurus Utah would die, while Pyro would win!

Against stegodeus, utah will do more damage than a pyritator. Also since when did anky beat utahsino

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for the stegodeus not so sure I have already killed a utha thanks to him but never a pyri

But if he must get PVP Pyrritator can win in only one case the one where he uses the 2-turn diversion otherwise he loses

That’s because no one uses pyri, it has really low up. Like really low, only 2950 at level 26 and it’s not immune to deceleration which destroys it. Uhtah has The stun which is also the only thing that makes Thor good

Utahsino I would use in the arena (I did for a period of time and it did ok) but still lvl up pyrotator because it’s hybrid is really good.

I agree but to make this bad point quite positive they gave it a very very powerful hybrid. It’s like monolometrodon casis nobody use mono or dimetrodon gen 2

Well you would need to know which hybrid of the two you would want more, utahsino is for utarinex and pyri is for magna so which ever one you want more you might want to go for

there’s also alloraptor, but that’s just my personal choice

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I’m talking colouration and general cool factor. I mean it was my first legendary, so I guess I am slightly biased.
image image
But I think that utasino has a slight edge over Alloraptor. However that is my opinion and I do like both raptors quite a bit.