Utasino glitch

I was tempted and fought a few matches just now. The only issue at the moment is that utasino is apparently “faster” than the utarinex, and indo in battle? Haven’t gone against a veloci so I’m not entirely sure if this is the holy raptor or not. Not complaining, but that’s an unfair win… anyone else having this issue? For the time being, go team blue go :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you delete the post now we can abuse the glitch for longer before it gets fixed…
10 of 10 I’ll be flagged.

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Haha I’m sure there are some people abusing this glitch right now lol. Enjoy it while it last :joy:

Since it’s higher level than Rinex and they are both 126 it’s supposed to be that way, right?

It shouldn’t be faster than Indo but I have not seen it outspeeding my Indo in any recent battles.

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You are right on the utarinex, not the best example screenshot. With my match against the indo, I was able to instant charge the indoraptor, stun it, and was able to proceed with another move after. Bypassing the indo’s speed priority. Guessing it’s just a minor glitch and not affecting many.

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Had the Indo just cloaked?

If the Indo had cloaked, then you both ran priority moves. Indo went first due to speed and you went second with IC. As late stuns roll to the next round you went twice. This is also not a glitch but it’s nice when it happens.

My utasino had very minimal health, and the opponent had just brought in a package fresh Indo. I used instant charge on his armor piercing strike (assuming he did, because there was no evasive) stunning and followed with distracting impact, before he finished me off with another armor piercing. I somehow got to hit twice?

Yeah that I don’t get.

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Sorry I don’t know if this got resolved but:

When Dinos have the same speed, the first to act will be:

The higher level Dino,
If Same level, then the more rare.
If equally leveled and same rarity, first player to choose an attack