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Utasino vs. Utarinex

I know that this has been discussed in great length, but with 1.7 and boosts things have become very different. Is it now worth creating Utarinex since the speed can be boosted?

Even if you don’t use Boost on a Match between utasinoraptor and rinex, the utasin should win

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Right, that’s why I threw all the DNA into Utasino previously. But with boosts is it any different? Does adding speed to Rinex change everything or is Utasino still better? I can get Rinex, but does it make sense? Or better to just add more health and attack to Uta?

It depends what you want I suppose. Utahsino for pure damage or rinex for a bit more survivability I.e rampage and run. rinex less likely to be nerfed as it’s a unique. Something to bare in mind.

Boosted rinex +boosted draco is a good solution to boosted thor, rampage n run +swap in dsr, not many dinos can survive this combo.

The odds aren’t that great of drawing these 2 at the same time.

The odds that you will draw Draco right after Rinex is astronomical.




Haha yea but it happened to me just today earlier with this combo, n that’s when my lightbulb went off n tot, hey that’s one way of dealing with this monster :smile: The odds are def not great, but dilo n erli work as well in this combo, hence I threw in both of them (boosted) into my team, hoping my chances will increase this way.

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Yeah, I think that combo may have happened with my Erli once? :thinking:

Actally not. This has happened to me several times since 1.7 made me use the rat (slightly boosted of course). Any dinos that can run (Dilorach, others) have a decent chance of getting the rat if it’s selected for your team. In fact, many times when I don’t want to reveal my secret rodent weapon I have to forego the hit-and-run move.


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Guess I have just not had that much luck.

Make it happen use the Dino in between them first so you get to run into the rat.
That said quite often Rampage is going to kill opponent anyway mine does 4444 damage.


Yea tats what I try to do as well :smile:

The dinosaur that gets swapped in after a hit and run attack is the one to the right of it. If the dino is last in the list it goes back to the first spot.

You can increase the chance of it happening by using the other dinosaurs first, so that when you do hit and run, rat will come in.