Utasinoraptor anyone?

Anyone have this legendary dino? I’m close to being able to create one and am wondering if she’s worth it. Sinoceratops DNA is really hard for me to find though.

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I have it, but only at L17 so its not in my team - it was (and would be) but got a little left behind thanks to the rarity of Sinoceratops.

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I have a 17 also and in Jurassic Ruins when all my dinosaurs are 22 and that is what I face she can’t help me! Although I have faced them and the instant charge is a PITA!

Despite having already creatures of 25 (stegodeus) and 23 (Tragodistis) I have not yet been able to find enough Sinoceratops DNA to create their two hybrids. When I face him he is very powerful because

  1. It is faster than most Dinos
  2. Cause reduction of damage in the first blow
  3. Although they can slow you down, he always has the priority of the 2 hit that, as it is stun, almost always gives the third option.

The problem is that since the DNA of sinioceratops is almost impossible to find wild (well, he and any epic) is very difficult to evolve and, then, always faces higher level dinos.

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I have it at lvl 20 and I LOVE it.


Yeah it is one of the better raptors in the game and leads to a very good unique.

Its also not a very common legendary so alot of people play against it completely wrong allowing it to have alot of good matches. The other day my level 16 took out two level 18s due to misplays by my opponent.

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She is beast. Mine is level 20 and in my team. Would be able to level her up to maybe 22 level but I am more focusing to collect every dino so she stays 20 and hopefully someday I can get her unique.
You should start with distracting (unless you bring her in mid fight and can one shot opponent with low stunning strike) and if opponent uses superiority strike then you use instant charge. If your opponent used thagomizer or other attack then you use critical impact. Of course there is some cases where you need to think what to do if your opponent can cleanse, is immune or faster than you.


Using the right combo (mostly explained above) it can take out a stegodeus up to 5 levels higher assuming the stun lands, it’s great for a starter since most people don’t start with speed

Lets just hope everyone votes Sinoceratops as the “cutest” dinosaur - need the DNA!


yes you need it for utarinex, or you may feel hard to win in higher level

Love this dino! May pull off on leveling to 25, and might start working on utarinex now. Still debating lol.


Just played match, I started with 20lvl utasinoraptor and my opponent was 21lvl diloracheirus. I actually managed to kill that dilo, who whould’ve thought!

Oh and no lucky crits except critical impact. Propably forgot utasino’s 15% armor and distracting impact’s effect and tried to finish with superiority strike

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Sinoceratops has vanished, really hoping we have another event with her… Don’t have any of its hybrids it’s crazy how people have over level 20 of its hybrids :joy: last time I saw one or even got any dna was the last event drop

I got lucky the other night and saw a Sinoceratops on the radar but out of range. So I went for a short walk…