Utasinoraptor meta


With 1.4,utasino will get quite the buff. His damage increases and insta charge has delay decreased to 1. But this has a different use that would probably make it meta: superiority strike!
Imagine this: the battle just started. You sent out your utahsino and opponent has a tragodistis turn 1 you distracting rampage and they superiority strike. Now on turn 2, you can insta charge and if it stuns(%75) the superiority strike speed debuff has ended so you are faster again. With this update, utahsino can hit a same level or less diloph 3 times with getting only hit once. With these changes i believe utahsinoraptor will be the meta. Dont waste it on utarinex because this counters superiority strike. For similar reasons allosinosaurus is also better now (and with dsi instead of apr now too) but there are still better options for him. Just make utasino with your sino dna

EDIT: after a little bit more research and consideration utarinex isnt bad. quite contrary it is a better utahsinoraptor. since you can do the second turn insta charge and then impact and run for later value. sorry my mistake


I think it’s wounders and Utahsinoraptor meta. Dracorex is still interesting people might make the unique and play all 3.

To my shock it’s lack of utahraptors holding me back in my far lower ambitions than uniques.


Won’t utarinex also have a 1 delay stun?


I think wounders will not matter that much. The meta almost is shaping around superiority strike and superiority completely shuts down wounders. Utahsino will be meta because he can play around superiority quite well.on the other hand,superiority and immunity completely hose wounders. Also swapping out is another way any dinosaur can get rid of a wound and now they have brought swap in abilities, swapping is not necessarily a downside either. Ankylosaurus might become meta just because that swap in invincibility. Opp stegod uses apr?well just let me switch to ankylosaurus and eat it. Opp has a i.rex with cloak ready to apr? Just switch to ankylosaurus* to block it off then long protection your way out of that situation. Ankylo is another dino that may become meta just because of its now swap in ability.it actually might get nerfed because its so strong. Think about it. Opp just killed your creature with irex. You send out utahsinoraptor/pyrritator/i.raptor and use a strong attack. If they dont cloak they die (assuming they are not full health) if they cloak %50 they die and if they dont you switch to ankylosaurus and nullify opponents cloak and possibly apr/api.


i dot have a utarinex myself so XD


That move is the same, so all 4 of them (Sinocera and hybrids based on it) will got 1 turn delay Instant Charge.

But Utahsino got atk +200, Utari didn’t got any stats change.


utari has good enough damage itself and has a rampage so can be better than utahsino but anyway they both are really good. sino and alosino did get better but nothing too crazy with them since they arent focusing on speed already


Half the SIA is wounders. You may be correct but I think Ludia want to make it a thing. I’m certainly going to give it a go.

Maybe if utahsin is too meta and wounders fail then Ludia will try to change it.


yes ludia is trying to make it a thing but at the same time they want to give counter options to it. if they want to make wounders a thing, there is a simple solution:remove superiority from stegod. that way you either kill it or force retreat from it by wounding it. give it pinning strike or something please ludia


you are actually right. i editted the post accordingly


also another note is no there are currently no swap in wounding abilities. they announced that they made a mistake with the new move icons. and even if there were, invincibility SIA’s would be the nearest ones to be meta and stunning ones would be the most infuriating. if alanq has a good kit/stats it will definitely be meta

EDİT : there is actually one swap in wound dino


Uh, actually they got Swap In Wound.
And they give it to Suchomimus.
Not bug, and it won’t be changed with those icon bugged skills.


yes as i edited my post there is one wounding SIA and its suchomimus. which basically means there wont be a SIA wound in the meta.


They don’t have a delete button. Honestly don’t know what to say.

So 1.4 is actually 1.3 that’s boring.

Here follows a minor visual discrepancy in no one’s language its the entire screen full.


and as a result, i think wounders will not make the meta unless stegod and maybe dilorana loses superiority


Give them an ability that independent from imune (or cleanse) status like adding cooldown to random enemy skill


disabling movesmight be interesting. for example

disabling strike
cooldown 2
deal 1x damage
increase the cooldown of your opponents next move by 2

(basic attacks count as if they had 0 cooldown so they will have a cooldown of 2 when this strikes. also if a player has no available attacks it is like a stun. they either pass the turn or switch


Also swoop. It comes in swoops then auto swaps for another Dino.

So what is swoop then?


swoop is basically just “wound and run”. swoop couldnt be a SIA since SIA s prevent swapping the next turn.


Swoop is a combination of hit-and-run & bleeding.
Let Spinosuchus able to escape while been debuffed.