Utasinoraptor or allosinosaurus


Which ones best to use up the very precious sino dna on ?


Neither are that great right now. I have utasino on my bench and have never made allo. Allosino would be due a buff though


doesn’t this question get asked like every 5 seconds? :expressionless:


Almost as much as you trashing a thread


i have the Allosinosaurus on my team my first legendary and only lol but thats thanks to the legendary incubator that was on the deal of that day lol problem is its defense is not that great good thing that comes with that hybrid is the instant charge and it can break through armor.


so its better to go for anky this weekend then?


Yeah, Anky got 2 hybrids, and both got their own super-hybrid.
You’ll need a bunch of its DNA.


I would say sino but go with your gut feeling and make that choice on what you really want the most.


I was so happy to get Utasino today and had to remove him from party several battles later. He dies too easily.