Utasinoraptor or Allosinosaurus?

If you had to choose one which would you go with of you could only make one.

I’m having this same debate with myself. My Allosaurus is level 15 and spawns frequently near me whereas my Utahraptor is only level 13 and is pretty scarce near me. Overall I would work towards Utasinoraptor mostly cause it’s colors :slight_smile:

Have enough DNA of both the 2 rares, just need to get all the Sinoceratops DNA i can from this event.

I’ve heard they are both a bit of a let down.

I just got Utasinoraptor today and I love it. Plus it’s soooo pretty. I’m just shy of getting Allosinosaurus, so I can’t say which I prefer. But Utasinoraptor isn’t a let down. I took down a whole team with it today.

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I’m pretty content, I use allosino as clean up And does well if you know how to use him effectively.

What did you decide in the end? I’m trying decide. I lean toward Allosinosaurus.

I’ve taken the Utahsinoraptor route because it fits perfectly in the raptor-shaped hole in my team (since they messed up Pyroraptor again), and with is move-set it’s potentially one of the best raptors in the game when levelled up enough. It’s fast, it’s powerful, it’s nerf, crits and stuns what more can you ask for.

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