Utasinoraptor or Dracoceratops

Which should I put in my team?

Definitely Utasino. It is soo much better than Dracocera.

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Utasino. Susceptible to distraction and slowing though. Much better than DC

Utahsino, for your honour and dignity(anything but the Rat). Great dino to have until I replaced him with Spyx.

Utahsino, the draco was nerfed very badly

Utahsino. DC is tricky to use right and you’re fighting a dino down hoping to get the chance to use it.

FWIW, I usually thank the opponent that still plays DC.

I thank them for sacrificing a good spot in their lineup with a creature that almost always dies a horrible death now. Prior to the nerf, it was a viable creature. Now, it’s just pitiful.

Utasino 100%. Love the kit. Even if DC was still viable, it’s always better to be a rat-free player. Makes you feel accomplished.