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Utasinoraptor or Utarinex ? Who's better in 1.6?


Do you still think Utarinex is better than Utasino since 1.6 ? Idk if it’s still worth going for Utarinex.

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Is Utarinex Worth Unlocking?

I’ll be honest friend, I think, as utarinex player, utasinoraptor is better, More speed + DAMAGE + Critical Impact’s! …, utarinex = Devastation x Impact, really? … the damage buff is fine, but still be effective, above the utasinoraptor also receives the attack of slowness, I think the devastation should have stayed and buff the speed 126 to 127 or 128, and if ludia see it necessary, because Ithink that !, give 15% of armor


They are both fine as is and I’d say they are pretty equal. Utahsinraptor has higher damage potential as well as being a bit faster, but is less flexible, while Utarinex is tankier because of the incredibly high HP for such a creature as well as having the huge utility of an impact and run move.

You really can’t go wrong with either.

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As a player that uses neither but confronts them often. I would much rather face Utasinraptor. Maybe it’s my team makeup but Rinex kicks my butt.


I like both, but I give the edge to Utarinex. With the amount of bleeders that are being incorporated into the game, she can be switched out. She also in more formidable the Utasino against tanks.


Both are almost equal. But will guve utarinex the edge due to higher hp and run move which is more useful in the bleed and SIA meta that Ludia is trying so much to push for. Utarinex is also more future proof, being a unique (utasino is more likely to get nerfed in the future than rinex).


I run both (lvl 20 utasinoraptor and lvl 22 rinex). They are both great dinos. But there are some matches that rinex is better because of the impact and run (against spinotasuchus) and other where utasinoraptor is better (against stegodeus because of the high dmg input)
Eventually I’ll get rid of utasinoraptor just cause rinex is unique, but for the moment being I love having both. And they’re vastly superior to allosino and Thor.
And now with the buff to both they are great matchup to indoraptor, especially rinex


Well they are pretty much even now, and i, as a utahsino fan, would even go so far as the say utasino is better. Especially considering utarinex’s difficulty of obtaining, I’d personally just level my utasino to level 30 before even worrying abot utarinex


Fight to the death … utahsino wins. Hands down.

Unfortunately, the hit & run feature on Rinex makes it less likely to count as a loss against you


I think the entire sino line is one of the better balanced lines in terms of being able to pick which dino you want to have on your team… thor has higher pure damage and is faster while allosino is more tankier… while utahsino is faster with higher damage… utahrinex has higher survivability and a built get out of their move.

Its more about your preference then which one is flat out better.

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Agree, I like the fact they differentiated their hybrid line instead of making direct upgrades.

cough Nodopatosaurus and Gigaspikasaurus cough


Will my answer of Thor be accepted?

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Utahsino will beat Utarinex in a 1on1 as long as its played right and this rubs me the wrong way. Theres no reason for a “balance” between the legendary and its incredibly more expensive unique to be equal. Utarinex should be able to beat utahsino in a 1v1 hands down, biggest thing would be reversing there speed. Most people that say they like what they have done are people who will not have rinex and are just happy to have the stronger choice verses a natural game progression which should always lead to something stronger especially when it comes at a much greater cost than the lesser ingredient of it. That being said i think they are both equal, either better than the other in any specific given situations


But being beat in a 1v1 =/= being a worse dino

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I do have Utarinex, just to get that out of the way…

Also, balance and opinion on balance should never include who has what. One could easily reverse the sentence you have said and say people thinking Utarinex is bad now are those who have it and want it to be broken again.

If uniques are direct upgrades of their predecessors, that literally is toxic for the game and undermines balance and in the long run, the game. What is the point of everyone using the same 8 overpowered crap? Nothing. Variety is healthy, direct upgrades are not. There are already dinosaurs completely unplayable after Sorna Marshes who were good before (non-hybrid raptors and non-hybrid chompers being the biggest victims), we do not need to butcher more dinos out of playability.

Not to mention that your idea of having the “more expensive” creature being inherently overpowered is also a quick way to finish off new players. Trykosaurus is already borderline being an immovable wall with very few counters, and Diloracheirus is not far behind in the list of being borderline design abominations. If you face players with the conondrum of “these are the best creatures, have them, pay for them or perish in the arena”, 8 out of 10 people will quit the game altogether for it being unfair instead of paying (especially ridiculous prices like what JWA has).

And that is also not even mentioning the fact that, we are talking about hybrids and mostly the stats reflect the middle, sweet spot of their parent species, with a few offenders (and those exact ones are that cause havock to the state of the game). You need to counterbalance the added benefits to not make then completely out of proporition insane.


hit and run is huge in this meta. with bleeding obviously, also if you have a draco2/dracocera in your back pocket at the end and hit and swap into a shattering ramapge :yum:

it is one of the many scenarios where a legendary inexplicably beats it’s unique H2H, but i’d rather have utarinex. don’t see utasino hardly at all, so i don’t worry about it :man_shrugging:

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After viewing this weeks featured dinosaurs, I thought about unlocking Utarinex. After Update 1.6, is it really worth it though? I already have Thor at level 23, so I didn’t know if I should continue leveling him up or focus on getting Utarinex…


ppl dont seem to realize it, but utarinex got a buff with the decel strike. now it is a great counter against indoraptor.


This is a really great topic … someone absolutely has to write an article about this… probably in the next couple days


Great article @Hersh !! Very self explanatory and easy to understand the situation between these two dinos!

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