Utasinoraptor Stun Broken?

Anyone else finding Utasinoraptor stunning way less than it should? My monostego seems fine, just utasino having issues.

It has stunned only twice now out of over a dozen attempts. Not statistically impossibly but was wondering if others are having the same issue? I’ve not come up against any since the patch to judge if others are having issue too.


I got my stuns in today, might’ve missed it once. Noticed the utasino stun glitch is still there. I got to stun indo with priority instant charge, and finish it off with a following move.

Id say my utah is stunning about right… more often then not.

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since 1.5 every Utasino i face stun me with the instant charge so i think it’s ok, probably just bad luck

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Not getting any better, another 5 attempts only 1 stun!

Sounds like the game is wanting you to lose at the moment. When I get hit with insane amounts of bad luck I take a break from battling for a while.

Fortunately it is just the one dino playing up, which is why I was thinking its a bug.

In the past if the game doesn’t like me it is all rng :slight_smile:

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If indo is going into evasive stance the turn instant charge triggers the stun, the indo should miss it’s next turn since it already got a turn before being stunned.

Getting really miffed with the rng at the mo.

4 fights
Stuns: 0 successes, 3 failed from me, 5 successes, 0 fails from opponents.
Dodges: 0 successes, 4 failed from me, 3 successes 0 fails from opponents

How do you win with luck like this?:neutral_face:

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