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Utasinoraptor vs Allosinosaurus


I know this has been asked in the past, but with 1.6 I am not sure if there have been changes. I have Allo at 17 and Uta at 18 currently. With the recent DNA dump form Sinoceratops I would like to level one up, but which one after the update?

Best of these

I think this is a question on alot of our minds. Myself I’m leaning towards Utah on account of he has been more if a pain to beat but my wife loves alosino


I usually do Utahsinorapter until I run out of Utah and then whatever sino DNA I have left goes to the other

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A leveled utahsino does well and I kinda wish I would have went that route. 26 thor is a beast though and I have no regrets there. My rinex is 25 and is no longer what he was, but still very good. With the sino dna and resources I had, leveling thor to a 27 took priority. For rinex spending a lot of time in zone 2 will help a ton.


I do love my little Utah, and it has won against Allo a lot more than it has lost in 1:1. Those Allo crit bites tho…

Allo has certainly kicked butt on some of my other dinos.


How can I figure out the zones where I live? Would love to figure that out so I can spend more time searching in the right areas for the dinos I am trying to lvl up.


By common dinos that spawn around you.

Here is latest (after 1.6) Metabub article:


For me Utahsino is better, but Allosino is component of Thor which is good and very annoying to fight against it, with that Instant Charge.

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Okay everyone, leveling Utah - wish me luck! :slight_smile:


Haha - well all that DNA doesn’t do much good when all you get is 10’s :frowning:


Thanks Imre, but how do I know the zones around me? I guess that’s where I am lost…


What dinos do you get the most of by you?


Here is a better question, do you have spinotah plans and can you get enough utah raptor to level both of them up. Because allo and thor dont use any components it can be more efficient to level that line first.

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Sucho is everywhere around here at night when I get home.


Sucho is Local 4.


I don’t know why when I am up against the same level allo. My Utah always on the losing side


Yeah op your in a local 4, do you know of a place that spawns allos and diplos. Cause without a decent source of allo dna it might be better to go utahsino since utah raptor is a global rare.

Problem with that being your best spawn is rare spino gen 1 so your gonna want to use utah for that as well.


Which do you prefer Allosinosaraus or Utsinoraptor?


There’s dozens if not hundreds of this topics. Basically depends on your team, but I suggest you reading all these threads so you can have a better idea of what’s best for you

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Depends what ur team needs, but utasino is better than allosino, but thor is probably better than utarinex at this point