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Utasinoraptor vs Utarinex

Which do you think is better? Utarinex or Utasinoraptor? The answer might be obvious, Utarinex, taking into account that it is his unique, but looking at his statistics:
• Utasino has more speed, more attack, armor
• Utarinex has more HP and a 5% more critical chance.

In addition, in the movements I believe that those of the Utasinoraptor are better with “Critical Impact” without delay.

I don’t have utarinex yet, so I’ll say utahsino for now because it being 1 point faster and also having that 15% armor

I believe the answer lies in your playstyle.

Utasino is more of a 1v1 dogfighter, while Rinex has more mobility and team synergy a running move, with more health to compliment that.

Personally, I prefer Rinex, because when it gets a rampage and run kill, it can switch into a fresh dino, while utasino just has to stay in and die to a revenge killer. But really, you can’t go wrong with either.

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Utasino kills overboosted rats

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This is the best answer your going to get… and is best answered by unlocking rinex and playing it. Future possible nerfs aside this is a good time to boost and use both knowing with 2.0 youll get 100% of your boosts back.

Ill add though i perfer utahsino for the same reason @bobbymcfeen perfers rinex… i try to save instant charge for the revenge killer hopefully setting myself up for an easy kill in the future. Sometimes i get lucky and stun and then kill next turn giving me a 2 for 1 thats not possible with rinex.

Rinex was still on my team till 1.9 though and still just as good of a dino. As the recent tier list also confirms.

Utasinoraptor for sure for me. I have both but since I unlocked Utarinex I’ve never been a fan. I think Utasinoraptor looks awesome too. Way cooler looking than utarinex.

Rinex is versatile

Uta being faster is the key, as you will usually win heads up. And critical impact is a guaranteed 1.875x damage now (more one-shot rats). Uta’s 15% armor makes up for less health in most situations… at least much more so than Rinex having just an extra 5% crit.

Utasinoraptor looks like it will tear you to pieces while you’re still alive and Rinex looks like someone angered Gordon Ramsay and got hit in the face with a frying pan.


I moved on from utahsino lvl 22 to rinex. Now I have lvl 25 rinex soon to be lvl 26 and I have 0 regrets. It’s more of a team player imo. But you can’t really go wrong here.

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