Utasinoraptor vs. utarinex


So, I now have 750/750 to level utasinoraptor to 25, or start fusing for Utarinex.
I’m really in doubt, cause somehow they seem pretty identical to me, but Utarinex ended up apex this time on metahubs list and Utasino alpha.
Utasino has a like 30% less health, but makes up with 15% armor and 10% more damage.
Movesets are almost identical, Utarinex has double damage on distracting and sino has 20% vs 10% cance to stun with low stunning.

My thoughts at this moment are upping utasino to 25 and replacing it later with a better unique than utarinex, but just in case I’m missing something before using all that DNA, im asking you to support my considerations ^^


In a similar predicament except I don’t have enough Dracorex dna to fuse for Utarinex. Would love to hear others’ opinion about this as well.

I haven’t level up my Allosinosaurus in spite of the 30k Allo dna, although it made Apex this time, its speed still leaves much to be desired.


If you’re sitting on a level 25 utahsinoraptor there are like, ten people on these forums who might be higher than your whale / spoof self. This is intended as a brag so pound sand



Coming in out of left field comes Ckbear…


Lol, 25 is nice… I’m almost 24, just no sinos to feed her. Utarinex as I’m sure you well know, Mr. lvl 25, is apex because she has distracting rampage (2x vs 1.5x). Also impact and run. More damage guaranteed with her distract and the utility to kite herself out of trouble for free. Personally I feel her base should also have distracting rampage (I believe she did b4 a nerf). Dracorex being her hybrid buddy doesn’t add any real damage or distracting moves so that’s should be all supplied by the sinoraptor. Using logic is a mistake in this game tho lol




I wasnt asking for who was higher though was I, just stat based advice in my situation.
Also not a whale, spoofer or bragger, just a fanatic ^^
Thank you for the friendly advice tho, I might just try pounding sand as a new hobby @Ckbear :smile:


Except one aspect that everyone overlooks, which is that dodging the damage isnt free, your next dino will tank it.
Also, switching isnt choosable but random (I know, next in line, but next in line is decided by chance) so you might end up getting yourself in a tight spot swapping in something not ver useful at that time.
I hate RNG’y tactics @Lord_G :joy:


If fighting head on utahrinex would always win since higher rarity alway go first both of them are specialize at different situation. Depend on what you are lookin for if high damage go for utahsino if decent damage with survivability then utahrinex


I agree with your points. Yhere are ways to deal with it tho. Many people will try to use the swap to kill and thus no return damage. Obviously it’s a situational move.


That is true, but even then your swap triggers first and they can counterpick a new dino.
I decided to go for utasino :slight_smile: