So we get one shot at it?

You need 200 DNA to create
A direct hit gets you 8 DNA
You only get one shot at it.

How the heck are we ever supposed to get it?

Yes I know it’s “legendary.”


They give only 1 chance for every legendary & unique creatures until now.

And… since I got 89 DNA from pyrritator several weeks ago, I had successfully created it. Good luck.


Imagine everyone get free legendary once in a week, yeah nope. They already give us hybrids dna for it.


91 lol… Waiting for the next one!..


I only got 40 before it got away. Not even bothered, really.


We are not. The point of this is to give a taste to those that are far from getting it, and helping out a bit for those that already have both Sino and Utah at 15 and are working on it.


I got mine today!!! :grin:


you get dna based on your level. can we try not making one of these posts for every single event. its getting ridiculous.