Utranix first or wait for Tryko?


As seeing what is coming for Epics next weekend. then I am not sure if I can have Tryko by the end but have more chance to create Utranix.

I am asking as either I go for Sino or Anky. Please suggest.


This is hard to answer if lacked of information. Your ankyntro dna and kentro dna are likely to determine the course. However tryko is the most expensive dino to make, and you possibly will come across more sinos than having to combine anky, kentro and rex altogether.

Do 4 anky and 2 sino, if u wanna unlock more hybrids, now is the time for anky, a few weeks back, sino was in the stage lights, now its ankys turn :wink:

Ankyntrosaurus and Uthasiniraptor are both level 19 with 0 extra DNA.

1200 DNA of Kentrosaurus, 4500 T-Rex DNA, 0 Ankysaurus DNA
10K+ Utharaptor DNA, 0 Sino DNA, 14.5K Dracorex DNA but he is level 12 only.

So what you suggest? Go with Sino OR Anky?

And there are 9x chances. Not 6x (but T-Rex is also there)

1343 kentro dna and about 40 anky… and i have a 20 fuse on tryko… should i go that route or try for rinex which i have 0 dna for… or finish thor?? HELP!!!

Tryko… hes too good right now not to go that route.

Have you checked my post above with details about how much DNA I already have?

I was actually refering too pateradactyl but honestly it holds true for you as well… unless utahrinex really fills a void in your team tryko is always the answer.

Tryko sits at the top of the food chain atm, he is almost a tier above most other dinos. He is so strong they buffed the one thing that can counter him tryo, and made it a global anytime spawn with a higher spawn rate then most other epics.

This is important because i feel tryko is safe from the nerf bat, Ludia has said before uniques power should reflect the rarity of their components. So trykos current power feels right… and they gave us tools to combat him.

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its tough though because curtently im taking applications for monomimus position and rinexhas the best resumèe right now…

thor is direct competition also for tryko right?

My current team is:


Now please suggest who is better fit out of those 2 I am asking. And also for Utranex I have more chance to have him than Tryko (but if sino is coming again during Christmas event then I can still go for Sino then).

I heard he is not. As his ingredients are just not high quality ones.

Also I heard thor don’t have any Armor.

If equal level thor beats tryko… but tryko is better against overall field…

Like i said if you feel utah fills a better roll then thats something to consider… and hes a apex himself so its not like its a bad investment…

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no armor but has 40%crit, good damage and faster so wins the instant charge.

also, i would level dioraj once more then work on utahsino if i were you… your ankyntro needs to much still. jmo

well… not sure how many use dioraj and tryko on same team. they almost fill the same roll. i have a level 23 so i kind of feel ok at that spot.

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Yeah im gonna agree… with your team i feel like a rinex would give you a better balance.

my team…

I believe this message was for Pateradyctl?

So what I should do? Get Anky this coming week event and hope to get Sino during christmas event?

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follow your heart and go for the one you really want/need because you will need that dna later. but if you wanted something right now(level 21) utahrinex may be best.