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Uuuuuumm.... Ludia? Can you please explain?

also, what happened to the Skoona Pursuit? I thought it was going to be extended due to the spawning issues.

Of course of course more errors, because ludia.
I do think the skoona thing was extended by a day or two, maybe its still going on but they pumped out the news because its just part of their schedule, but who knows, we’ll just see if someone finds a dino from the pursuit, specifically sonora. And of course ludia calls another epic a legendary, just like veloshracos


so the mimus maximus from the leak isnt an apex, well thats nice to know. i dont think that was its real name tho

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The thing is pursuits follow the pattern in which creatures were relealised(i have no idea how to spell it) in, and aquila is suposed to be next, so it’s realisticly just an in visual game glitch

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@Ned @E.D this is what I was talking about last week with these careless mistakes that cause confusion.

The Twitter account tweets that the hybrid pursuit is Gallimimus yet the ingame news says the hybrid pursuit is Entelodon.

How does this still happen after months of experiencing these mistakes? Where is the QA process?

Also the tweet says Legendary Hybrid, stop copy pasting and pay attention Ludia. If you are promoting stuff on social media the least that is needed is for the tweet to be quality checked.

Please, improve on this. :pensive:


Hey DPG members, the current creature in the game is correct. Our team will fix the Social Media post ASAP. :pray: