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V.I.P. worth it or no?

The V.I.P. pass: Google Play 19.99$. It cost ME 20 bucks. Canadian.

The pass is costly. As I had suggested one, I bought it. The drops are random for extra rewards, but the amount of gold dropped is excessive. To be clear I have not hit 10000 gold since the Gold n Glory update, until the pass. NOW 10000 gold is the number I start to spend at to empty the coiffers.

I feel the pass deserves it’s OWN timer, plus a bonus drop SPECIFIC to the pass, which is NOT the case right now, it is linked to the 4 hour chest timer. Ultimately, the V.I.P. chest is pitiful, but the bonus gold drops are more often and larger than I expected: a huge boon.

You should offer a daily “something” that stands apart from the basic of basic chests. A guaranteed gift that is WORTH the monthly pass.

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To me, 20$/month is nowhere near what I’m willing to spend on this game. 4, maybe 5$ a month is closer to what I would value it at.

15$/month is what people pay for major MMOs like Dungeons and Dragons Online. Warriors has a fun and engaging combat system, as well as gorgeous graphics, but there just isn’t enough to DO in the game to justify charging such an exorbitant amount.

On a personal note, I’m also reluctant to put any money into this game because of the atrocious prices for everything; 75$ to beta test the bard (sure, and get a few extra items too) felt like a slap in the face. No longer having a guaranteed Legendary in the DM (now Ruby) chests also shook my faith in this game’s marketing team.

Personally, I like to pay once for permanent bonuses, not weekly/monthly subscriptions that I feel obligated to use. For instance, I might be willing to pay a small sum to have double Lahural’s missions (2 missions/day, with a cap of 5), a permanent boost to gold/ex drops, or extra content.

I continue to enjoy the game and eagerly await new content. AFTER the game has its official release and IF prices come down to reasonable values, I might be willing to invest some money into Warriors.


I will not be renewing pass. It is not in the right price range or valuable enough to repeat it.

I think I also don’t renew my pass, been 3 months now vip and got still nothing in my neightbourhood.
It is like the green spots and arena’s that were out 150 meters are now out 200 meters.
There,s nothing here and a little out my range are a lot of arena’s.

Yes and no the Extra battery and range is worth it.V.I.P Is about the cheapest thing on this game in the USA 10$

In my opinion, no.

You can buy real dnd games for that price such as boulders gate or whatever. Not that it is related to VIP but there really isn’t anything dnd about this game .

The impact of having it is too extremely beneficial. It’s not multiplayer so it technically isn’t Pay to Win, but it’s basically paying to turn the into Easy mode.

The non VIP mode is too grindy to the point where I keep thinking of quitting.

Lastly, there is no variation to the game. At level 1 or 20 you’ll still be doing the same thing.

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As of right now it’s $30 Canadian. That’s the price of 2 WoW subscriptions for a mobile game. Why?! The value isn’t there…