V1.5 Arena Incubators

Looks like being in the Ruins & in Lockwood would be the most advantageous of them all. Really thinking about dropping arenas now.


Oh thank god u can get ouranosaurus through these incubators now

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Im thinking about dropping to arena 3 :joy:

Cool arena incubators amazing

I read somewhere in the forum that this fella took days to drop 3K trophies.

Just fought a level dropper today, fielding all lvl 6-7 Dinos in ruins, at first thought it was a bug but realised quickly it was intentional.

It wont take that long, I guess around 8 hours

Losing won’t take much time. Finding battles do.
Are you thinking of dropping? :sunglasses:

My plan is to drop to Arena 3 as well…

When a new tournament starts, climb back up. When it ends, go back down.

That’s strategy… :wink:

Feel bored meeting the same dinos over and over. Dilo. Utarinex. Stegod. Mono…

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We can get unique dna from arena incubators?

I love the new dinosaurs in the incubators! It may even be worth it to go back to battling now😊. I took a break for a while because the frustration just wasn’t worth the reward.

Nooooo sir.

If we don’t want to take days dropping can we get all of them in the aviary? Like just the pool of dinos you get as rewards just get bigger and you can get any of them? Was boring as hell just dropping to out the top 500 let alone nearly 800 trophies to get back to the ruins lol :ok_hand::+1:


I don’t understand very well the picture. Have you a chance to get hybrid dna in the incubators or it unlocks the hybrids and you can start to fuse them ?

Thanks but i don’t make

no and no, just a visualization

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I see in many arenas that hybrids are in same level, like Allo and Sino in same incubator, Rex and Velonin same, but Orono is in 3 and Dilo is in 9… I think all should be in same, but thats me. I also think we should have a unique themed event maybe once a month like they did with raptors for Halloween.

Ok thank you.

i went from 5100 trophies to 2k in about 7 hours… finding matches is not hard at all.

Got a 24 hour incubator last night but realy wish the update had already come out now i will be stuck with bad dna instead of sino or bary