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V1.9 What should happen to the game in general?

V1.9 we have heard about it for some time now and 99% of players are hanging out waiting to see if it is a complete failure or a success but what do you think should happen in V1.9 players? voice your opinions here !

  1. A lot of errors / glitches need to be fixed / repaired that goes without saying for most players.

  2. Will we finally see Aquatic battle arenas or aquatic dinosaurs at long last ?

  3. which dinosaurs will get * nerfed to blazes + which wont get clobbered in the upcoming NERF WARS??

  4. new hybrids will we get any or will we get some totally OP dinosaurs with seriously OP powers??

  5. 99% of players are actually dreading the upcoming V1.9 for fear it will crash harder than broken plates thrown on the floor!

  6. Sanctuaries, will they get a fix or will they just continue to plague us big time ( double headed dinosaurs, dinosaurs glitching out / disappearing when clicked on, food, toys, interaction not working properly when clicked on ) etc etc

  7. alliance chat seriously needs a big fix now not later as it clogs up / lags a lot because of the overloaded space available when either posting for dna requests or when asking other members of your alliance about game tactics, general in game questions or just chatting to other alliance members about dinosaurs ( both the chat and dinosaur DNA requests should by rights be in separate areas of the alliance not jammed together like super glue on a wall ).

  8. the ongoing PLAGUE with strike towers and now Sanctuaries where dinosaurs appear either inside of the strike towers or right behind them making it almost impossible to click on or get to the dinosaurs hidden behind them ( strike towers )

  9. this game needs a VP / RP ( VP = vanishing point / RP = removal point ) where once you have collected from either a strike tower or a dinosaur the strike tower or dinosaur needs to vanish from the game completely not still hang around as an in game ghost / shaded out area that traps dinosaurs.
    currently we have a set amount of hits per dinosaur allowed within a number of days / hours this seriously needs to change and change now both the dinosaurs and strike towers once completed should by rights be taken out of the game not left to hang around like a pest for days on end !. yes LUDIA we get that certain things must rule the game but if we ( the players / members ) of each game you design are not listened to what do we do 99 times out of a 100? we vote with our feet and go elsewhere because we feel we are not listened to most of the time, that is why a greater percentage of us players put up posts like this one in the hope that you really are listening to us all and try and at least implement some of the items we are asking for??

  10. remove the shots per dinosaur and instead install a time limit per dinosaur / strike tower after which they vanish from the game not be left to hang around for days at a time. there is nothing more frustrating or more annoying than seeing a dinosaur we are desperately trying to get DNA from sitting there right in front of us but because of the LIMITED amount of hits per dino it goes begging while we sit there watching what we want basically laughing its head off at us all because its stuck there until the time limit you have placed on it finally runs out… get rid of the hits per dino and replace it with a time limit instead ( only 9 hits to choose between 7 or more dinos yet its still there days later?? i mean come on LUDIA at least be fair for once please fix this problem for all of us thanks.
    kind regards
    JoeVolcano27 :roll_eyes: :thinking: :roll_eyes:

  1. “The team is aware and working on a fix™”

I’m dreading 1.9

Point 2
Besides dinosaurs, we have mammals now. Aquatic? I think amphibians may appear even earlier.
Point 6
I want a shortcut for going between sanctuaries instead of going back to the map and click several times to go into another sanctuary.
Point 10
In every event, there are 3-5 dinos to choose to dart. If we want to dart only one, we have to walk for long distances to find one. I want a pull-down menu in an event drop so that we can choose the one we want.

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Dont introduce anything new. Fix what you have. But here are a few ideas.

Sanctuaries. Reduce xp per level by at least 50 percent making it easier and more useful for majority of alliances. Change 24 hour share to permanent share as long as someone in alliance has dino. Give 12 hour countdown for reset if it becomes empty.

Alliance chat. Seperate chat from requests by using tabs. Fix bug where you cant chat after battle. Allow for private messaging. Also incorporate this feature so you can message others on sanctuaries. I see one by a local but no way to message them or send them an invite or even add as a friend. So much for interacting with these things put in to be interactive amongst community.

Give the option for up to 4 instant ai battles per day (maybe we can negotiate to 3) so that the people they’ve scared off from arena can at least come back to help with dbi for missions. After that normal arena rules apply. However, if my counter gets to 1 and you put me in a match and then it counts down to 1 min, give me option again for AI instead of timing out. Can even use current players dinos and boosts as ai they just wont gain or lose trophies.

Give option to sell unwanted DNA for coin. Doesnt have to be for too much. 1k common/500 rare/100 epic for 1k coin. Something. Would have to do more math to balance out but something.

Boosts. This is more of a personal preference but would like to see boosts adjusted. They are here to stay but I still believe speed boosts are too extreme and the bell curve on damage and health is dumb. Each tier of health and damage is +5%. Speed I’d like to see reduced by at least 50 percent. These adjustments will also help some of the rampant dinos but not totally eradicate them. Will keep them useful just not OP. Again this is a wish.

Alliance leader tools. Even if not in game but accessed by webpage. I like webpage better because if someone from another alliance is coming over I can see if they are telling truth about how much they donated or contributed. Also give ability to give other members certain powers.

Strike towers. Another wish. Make the 2 epic strike towers we get per week challenging. Have a selection when you challenge it to

  1. Beginner (dinos lvl 25 no boosts) 50 percent max reward value
  2. Intermediate (both your dinos and their dinos lvl 26 no boosts for either) 75 percent reward value
  3. Advanced (dinos lvl 30 no boosts). Same as what it is now. 100 percent reward value
  4. Expert. Dinos lvl 30 boosted to tier 1-10. Depending on what tier level you select gives you another 10 percent reward value. Max reward 200 percent reward value. This would make you be able to choose the strength you play against and really test your team. High end players will still need to work. Imagine facing 3x tier 10 lvl 30s. Also make that an achievement when accomplished.

That’s all I can think of now

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For the daily ai battles. Make it a token given in the free incubator 1 every 6 hours. Remove the interact token for sanctuary replace with this. Either add the interactions to the supply drops or just get rid of interact and divey up that xp amongst others. I mean who really is going to interact with a trex.

Friendly battles. Give option to select 26 no boost or as is. That will allow us to test our actual dino abilities bit also see what they will be like later. Your lvl 26 unboosted vs my lvl 21s boosted.

Sort the arena out, and get more people playing in it.
This has to be the number one priority as with ever declining numbers there will be less and less opportunity to get matches for all players, not just the top 100.
How can this be implemented?
Ditch this crap system that’s being used now to find a match up, and go back to trophy count alone. Yep, it’s that simple.

Remove speed boosts totally, and exchange them for the new crit and armour boosts that are imminent.
Speed boosts were the only balancing factor in the game, and by allowing slow dinos to become fast, all balance was lost. Let’s get it back.

Nerf the rat into oblivion, it should never have been given such power, and for such an easy to obtain Dino it’s way op. Let’s see some variety in the arena.

Let’s have a couple of new uniques that can counter the op Thor.
Or perhaps it’s time to do away with that ridiculous move instant charge? That’s almost as bad as the rat with it’s rampage except I suppose at least you know instant charge is coming.

And surely Tuora needs a buff, it’s hopeless as things stand. If any Dino needed instant charge it’s this one!

There probably lots more but this is a start, and if I’m honest I don’t expect any of this to be implemented. Whatever they will do will already be done. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Thor and the rat get a buff, Tuora to get a nerf, Magna to get another health nerf and the arena to get even worse.


They should go back to the trophy based match making but even then, unless they do something with the rat, I have no intention of playing the arena. I’ll stick with my 2nd account in Nubular Jungle where I get fair matches and more variety AND an AI battle after 2 losses. I don’t need an arene that requires packing a rat. I’m also hoping the Sino’s and Einiasuchus’s lessen as time goes… thank you for the 2-3 months of those things as alliance rewards.

Delet the rat, nerf Thor and Yoshi just a little xD

Alliance chat fixing and alliance tools

Fix matchmaking asap this is the biggest problem

Give Pachy a new hybrid or redesign.


If Instant Charge is taken away from Thor, it is worse than Tenontorex. It can’t cleanse distraction, it can’t slow opponents, it can’t distract opponents, it will then be a faster version of T-rex.

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1.9 to me needs only a few things.

  1. Matchmaking reverting to trophies only.

  2. No nerfs. But buffs and reworks on the underused uniques. Indo becoming Immune again and having Definite Impact instead of Cleansing Impact. Stigidara having Lethal Rampage. A few other changes I havent had time to think about.

  3. Multi-fuse.

  4. Less grindy alliance missions. Change the missions to be more varied and less sit on your GluMax battling.

  5. AI changes. AI should be available for all players from Arena 6 onwards. AI should award 1 trophy per win and take zero per loss for Arenas 6 to 9. Arenas 10 to 12 will be +1/-1.

Arena 13 will be +1/-10 and have lvl 30 tier 10 creatures. Story being Nublar Beach has some special chemical that made the creatures superboosted but very aggressive.

AI timer drops to 15 seconds before AI is available.

I’m ok with everything you proppse but indo immune definitely no! It would be worse than magna

Indo was Immune and was literally more OP than a tier 10 lvl 30 Thora.

Literally whoever had the higher Indo won. It had Cloak and all.3.moves were DS. So yeah… My proposal is just bringing it back to 70% its original relative power.

Well, after the evasive nerf, Indo is pretty much useless now, so a little bit of immunity wouldn’t hurt, I’d love to have it back on my team, but in its current state it’s an easy prey


We need:

  1. Bug fixes for arena (Instant invincibility, …).

  2. Balancing and buffs.

  3. Option to put Pterosaurs in Sanctuary.

  4. Multifuse button.

  5. Alliance defense missions rework.


If Indor becomes immune, will its HP be reduced too? If it becomes immune, Monostego and Dio will no longer be its counter.
Lethal Rampage is too OP, 2x damage with DoT. Opponent may die in 1 turn.

You do.know Stigidara has no attack.right? I think even with LR, it still needs 2 turns to kill an opponent.

IndoR with Immunity is just a. faster and better Indom.

If Indor becomes what you suggest, I can’t think of any counter. It is fast, though with same speed as Magna, usually Indor is at a higher level, it is still faster. Even faster dinos like Erlidom, Spyx or Dilorach will not be able to beat it. Maybe Yoshi.

Daryx has one attack. Not LR maybe LW and Impact and Run.


Prob Tryko or Thora.

It needs an attack buff. If not it really is pathetic. 1k at lvl 26 is quite bad.

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