Vaca hunting

I’m on vacation from work, 2 weeks started on Wednesday. I’ve been hunting 8-12 hours a day, and the spawns have been AWFUL.
I was fully prepared to make a foil-hat post about how Ludia nerfed Unique-ingredient Epic spawns until tonight.
image image

2 from Epic Scent, 1 wild.
Aside from these, though, it’s been nothing but Baryonyx after Baryonyx.

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I would love to see some Bary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the wild. Maybe once or twice?

I just leveled my Tryo from 22-26.5 a couple hours ago. Ran out of Posti ingredients… still have 2200 Bary lol


I found 4 bary and 2 ouran yesterday, an anky the day befor, 2 sino and 2 monos the day before all without scents. Luck and location Id say so dont lose hope, theyre our there

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