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Valentine Calender


commons: meh
Rares: prob go for tenonto and quetz
Epics: diplo and rhino, maybe acro
sunday: spino for spyx
Incubator challenge thing: Not gonna absolutely want bird anakin dna but I’ll take the coin and other dna
seems like a good week, and we got carno inc again???


huh. neat. tenonto for rares. everything but blue in epics. and idk spyonix for legendary.


Most disappointing and yet a good week but who on earth voted for indo and spino like what? Like we had eremoceros, alloraptor, ardontosaurus, acrocantops, edphoceiva, allosinosaurus, phorasaurua, dilophoboa, ankytronsaurus, indominus, carnotrakus, dsungaia, and koolasaurus. And some how we got Indoraptor gen2 and spinonyx?!

Anyway nothing for commons, maybe quetzal and tenoto for rares, basically everything but blue for epics, and idk spino I guess better than Indo gen2 at least

Onyx is good for spyx


Ya but there is also way better ones to choose from, plus it’s better to get ingredients then just maybe max 100 dna of a hybrid. And it’s not like spinonyx is that hard to make.

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yeah indo 2 is a bit of a meh spinyx though by itself has merit and all the youngyuns want its big brother :stuck_out_tongue: diplo and wooly are what i want

Nyx looks sick+ Has a tyrant tier hybrid.indo gen 2 is just edgy or something idk


What is the strike on Friday?

Could it be Velosrhacos?

Yes it is burnt chicken

Nice week. I will be needing Quetzacoatlus, Tenontosaurus, Wuerhosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus and especially Woolly Rhino.


No Ardonto/Brachi :frowning: but hey Rhino for my soon to be MRhino

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My Carbonemys Smells something for this Velosrhacos Strike: TURTLE POWER!!!

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I was hoping Titanoboa would be part of this week’s event, I wanted to work on getting Spinoconstrictor! :disappointed_relieved: