Valentine event ending too soon

According to the countdown timer ‘Ends in’ shown on the Valentine’s Light Fury Trust Trial: Chapter 3, the Valentine Light Fury Event will end on February 19th at 9am EST.

If this timer is correct then the Valentine Light Fury event is only 13 days long.

The Dreadfall Toothless, Thanksgiving Meatlug, Snoggletog Toothless, and New Year Stormfly events were all 14 days long.

If this is a mistake then you may want to fix before publishing next week’s schedule.

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Sometimes the timing and numbers are different, at least its it’s not off by anything major.
Btw Dreadfall Toothless event was also this length. I remember being happy it seemed like 14 was normal and they did 13 for that one because it was a fitting number because of the holiday.
It could be because of the start date as the Dreadfall Toothless event and this one begun on a Tuesday and Thursday. Where the other three began on a Wednesdays it looks like.
It would be nice if these started to be more consistant but Id hope Ludia has good reasons, like working around holidays/ working in other events in specific ways.

I think you are mistaken about the length of the Dreadfall Toothless event. According to the twitter schedule it lasted from the 22 October to 4 November, hence being 14 days long.

Hello Vikings,

The Valentine Light Fury event is indeed a little shorter than the usual Trust Events.