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Valentine incubator BUG

I know there are bugs with Valentine’s incubator and many players get more than one. But I have not received anything! It is not the first time that I have run out of incubators due to errors in the game. Does this happen to anyone else?

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Yes, my dad received 2 incubators in his in-game mail a few minutes ago. One rare and one epic Valentine’s day incubator. He even got legendary DNA out of it. I have not received any incubators in my mail even though I had the glitch and he did not.

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same here, I didn’t receive any incubators

i got both incs. they probably are in the process of rolling them out. IDK what kind of system they use to do it, but it tends to be a staggered roll out to everyone. happens every time they do a community wide give out. you can email support when you want, but i’d wait a bit and restart the game to be sure they haven’t been given out.

Lol, I just opened 3 epic valentines incubators in my mailbox and came here to find out why they were there.


I don’t have any. Getting impatient with it. Lol

I have not received the incubators yet. Like what @Qiew said it probably is just a slow roll out, and fingers crossed everyone should receive them in like 1-2 hours.

But may I ask why we are getting these free epic incubators lol

i was honestly surprised to see incs in my mailbox. ned said to email support if you were affected by the mess yesterday. I was happy with what i got and didn’t feel i needed to email support over it. guess the team decided that this was more widespread and decided to do the community wide roll out rather than thousands of support emails.

I got 1 rare incubator and 3 epic incubators


Alright. I already got my epic incubators yesterday, but I am happy to have some more :wink:


huh. not what i got. maybe it’ll sort itself out later.

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Did not receive compensation

That’s strange

I haven’t received anything yet ether and been having the glitch as well

I got 3 in my mail

@Ned why the difference?


Member of my alliance

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i only got 2. kinda disappointed by that. i could use the coin.


In that single incubator again… the wrong rewards!

I got Diplodocus and Woolly Rhino. You won’t hear any complaining out of me! (LOL)

I got 4 epic incubators :smiley: