Valentine LF: Thank You and some feedback

First off, I want to say a big THANK YOU to the Ludia team for offering a try-out quest for the new event dragon before we go all out to get trust points. I wasn’t a huge fan of NY Stormfly’s ability once I started using it, and I was kinda bummed that I used so many resources to get it. But I just gave VLF a shot and I really like her new ability and I definitely want to expend some runes to get all the copies I need!

Also wanted to let you know that using Valentine Light Fury’s ability creates a bit of lag. May be an opportunity here to optimize and smooth that out some.


Thank you @SongbirdT!

I’ll pass on your feedback to the team. Have a great day!

The new ability does indeed seem nice, but I noticed that dragons that have cursed on them cannot be debuffed with the “defense down” debuff. While other debuffs seem to be applied correctly (tested: “Accuracy down” and “Prevent Healing”)

And another issue seems to be that when you attack a “Cursed” dragon with a dragon that has an “Attack up” buff, said boost does not get applied.