Valentine Light Fury Spreadsheet

Revised: Feb. 19, 2020 (Final)

WARNING The Valentine Light Fury event is scheduled to end on Wednesday, Feb. 19th at 9am EST. This means that the event is only 13 days long. The Dreadfall Toothless, Thanksgiving Meatlug, Snoggletog Toothless, and New Year Stormfly events were all 14 days long. I have submitted two other posts on the forums about this problem with no response.
UPDATE Feb. 17, 2020: Ludia has confirmed that the Valentine event is shorter than past events.

The spreadsheet assumes that all nodes in each Trust Trial are completed.

For each Duty chest, Flight Club members get a whopping 75 Trust Points (TP) compared to the measly 15 TP that non-Flight Club players get.

Flight Club members can easily obtain 3 copies of the legendary dragon. Non-Flight Club players will have to work a lot harder since the Duty chest gives less TP.

The spreadsheet is divided into 3 sections. The top part shows the common area. The green section in the middle shows the values for Flight Club members. The orange section at the bottom shows the amounts for non-Flight Club players.

Good luck everyone! Don’t wait till the last minute to get those final Trust Points.


You need to add 50 tp gift for Valentine’s Day…

There is only 100 Tp per season. There may seem to be 200 trust available for VLF, but both offers are the same (the second one is just a visual glitch)

@Military_Jane Nah fam, we’ll need 250 for non-flight club members. Jeez

@Military_Jane If Ludia gifts everyone 50TP on Valentine’s Day then I will update the spreadsheet.

@Zhyan Thank you for the info. I corrected the TP for the Thawfest Emporeum.

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@CaptWacky Can anything be done for those (myself included) who are NOT part of the flight club. Like some sort of compensation only for non flight club members. Thanks for your time.

@drag0nsla4er Ludia intentionally makes it difficult for non-Flight Club players to obtain the holiday event dragons so that players are incentivized to pay for the monthly Flight Club subscription.

@CaptWacky People like me don’t exactly have the kind of money to cover that price. Which is a real problem for me because I actually considered joining the flight club but when I saw the price per month… nope I can’t afford to pay that.

@Charlotte7 to be honest I don’t know. Anyway welcome to the community.

Unfortunately you have to earn them, get a stronger team to get further through the quests, save up runes to do restarts - or just decide that you can’t get three copies this time and wait for next year. I’m aiming for two as I simply can’t afford the runes it would take for about 6 restarts or more to get the 3rd copy and I’m not Flight Club


I have updated the spreadsheet to include the 50TP Valentine’s Gift.

Thank you.

You are welcome! You are doing a great job making it easier to plan playing for other player so that they can achieve their goals :slight_smile: