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Valentines Character?

Has anybody come across a new valentines character? It happened so quickly, I didn’t catch his name. (Cheesy I know) but I haven’t matched with him yet. I figured it was just like with Nick Klaus where the image was available but not the story at first.


Not yet some have


This is him. I haven’t been able to match him yet though. Probably closer to Valentine’s Day.


Oooooooh! Cool! Hopefully I get to match with him soon

Check your inbox in the game. There are 50 gems and there’s a message about February 2nd being the start of a new event. That will most likely be when he is matchable. Same as what they did for Nick Klaus around the holidays. Reddit users or some friendly folks in the Facebook group will more than likely post if they match with him so we know. For now, if you see him, keep him on top of your stack and don’t swipe until he’s available!

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Good idea. Thanks. :relaxed:

He’s available now.

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Seen him… havent been able to match as yet.

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I just matched with him and so far while it’s a bit intriguing it’s not exactly how I would have had the story go so I’m also a little dissapointed.

Just matched with him today. Lol thanks peeps :nerd_face:

I matched with him. The story is interesting so far.

Somehow I missed him on Valentine’s day. I know it was months ago but still :frowning: