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Valentine's day scent in green drops

So i have been opening 1 drop for some time and after map refreshed i had 2 so i opened every 15 min green drops and didn’t got special scent. Some people seems to open and get it from like 3rd try, i tryed all evening and nothing is it like what 5% to get that scent out of there? There was same with St Patrick’s day scent what appeared in drop i tryed to get it till night time and i opened bunch of green drops till 2am and nothing, completlly nothing. Am i the only one that is soo unlucky with this green drop scent pulling or what? :frowning: I woudnt really care of this scent but i assume that it has nice dinos to pull out(such as diplo or tenon) rare ones so thats why i am kinda annoyed of this. Plus as well strike tower rewards that also was changed in reward way.

I’ve opened almost 50, maxed out everything but coins and scent, just hoping I can eventually get it lol

I also didn’t get one after dozens of spins. What a great event: no special scent, no boosts from the green drops, and no chance at Diplo or Rhino dna for those who did the epic strikes in the first hour. And no communication about any of these problems from Ludia.


I got one but after i spinned arround 30+ green

I got it takes a while though

Look at what ludia posted on twitter. You’re getting all that stuff next week, it just didn’t happen this week because of Chinese new year also occuring this week, + today being valentine’s day and it wouldn’t make too much sense if a valentine’s day event didn’t even happen on valentines. I’d say that because you can get a scent these past two days that gives dinos (tenonto, quezta, wooly rhino, diplodocus) people have been ranting about for AGES, beggars can’t be choosers, and what’s a little lack of boots gonna determine when it’s being replaced by something wayyy more important.

I got one in like 1 am again took me bloody ages XD

I don’t understand your comment, tbh. Many players did dozens of green spins yesterday and didn’t get the scent. We have been getting boosts from green drops for months, but Ludia suddenly removed those yesterday without a word about them being replaced by anything. Players who did yesterday’s strikes in the first hour did not get the Diplo, Rhino, and other dinos that were obviously supposed to be in those strikes.

You didn’t miss anything. I pulled 10 allosaurs from it lol

No love for me, but got 2 from last year so don’t care.