Valentine's Epic Strike

Question: was today’s epic strike intended to guarantee 200 epic snake DNA? the icon on the Twitter post suggested so, but I got zero of that

Is it right, or just another bug? Anyone else in the same situation?

Nope it weren’t guaranteed 200 snake dna…

We were informed that we would be facing off against the snakes for “an epic reward”, i.e. an epic incubator, not snake DNA.

Nope, it gives out a Valentine’s themed epic inc.

Ok, good to know. Thank you guys.

Also nice that the boa is nowhere apart from FIPping. So great fun.

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I saw the ad for the snake battle, but havent seen it on the map.

Same. I’ve just covered about 3 kilometres mostly through city centre and not a single sighting of the epic snake battle!

They were everywhere for me, but then they all changed to the Sino strike.

I was disappointed in that. It should’ve been epic snake dna rewarded plus the incubator just like the sino one. I received 388 allo g2 and 10 sino so I was happy enough.

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I didn’t get any Allo unfortunately, but the Rex DNA was good.