Valentines Event and subsequent epic fridays

I made a post about this issue before where the problem was epic incubators, but now seeing this week has made me extremely disappointed. The epics, which are usually 2 days, are now one day just on Friday meanwhile we have 2 days of commons and rares. While I am appreciative for the 2 days of legendaries, because of the way my time zone works Friday starts and ends during a weekly religious observance in my country, therefore meaning that every religious JWA player in my country, myself included, misses out on 12 free epics this week.
You are only allowed one try on the legendaries anyways so I don’t see why they’ve gotten their own two consecutive day taking up practically the entire weekend while 12 epics are on a Friday.
I don’t expect anything to change but I have to voice my concerns and honestly it’s just a real bummer.

I agree it would make more sense to have the legendary on 1 day only with 2 attempts. And the epic over 2 days…


or just space out the legendary days so that out of everything we had to sacrifice it wasnt the highest rarity

They should just combine legendary/unique/ and epic attempts onto the same day(s) it sucks to be limited on 12+ attempts when a full day is wasted on a 1 attempt.

They could make it where you shoot your unique/legendary and then afterwards instead did turning into a ghost, it switches to epics.

I agree but most likely they will say they have no control on it as it is allegedly outsourced.


If the locations are sourced from google or whatever I get that but ludia controls what is under them.

but that takes possible spawns away from other creatures, which could make it harder to find anything, their past system has worked great so far and the lunar new year idea of combining the legendary and unique was great, so idk why they had to complicate things now

What do you mean it takes away? If you have 1 attempt to shoot a unique and you shoot it. Then all drops turn to your epic creatures. You aren’t losing anything.

which would be great in theory but they wouldn’t do that in practice, bc the way it is now is easier for them and to change it so that once you’re done with the attempts those creatures stop spawning would take effort to change a system that already works fine

It shouldn’t be much effort though as when there is an event with the boxes you can only collect once, as soon as you tap on the box it gets replaced by a SD, sometimes even an SD with a strike towers. So nothing prevents them to apply the same mechanism in theory. In practice, it might be harder depending on the code but not impossible anyway.

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