Valentine's Light Fury Ability different?

In game her spirit speed is: Moderate
On twitter and Facebook, you have posted her with spirit speed: Very Slow. Which one is it suppose to be?
Also, the amount of health foes can heal are different on both, 1 says 25%, other says 38%…



I think they made a mistake when they added it to the game and they will fix it in future updates :relaxed:

Hello Vikings,

I just got confirmation from the team. The spirit speed is MODERATE and the ability is β€œAll Foes Heal 25%” at level 10. Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot Marcus!
I’m spending lots of runes and Just subscribed to Flight club to get It, and if ability Was very slow i’d have been very disappointed.

Nice to have confirmation that in game description Is correct!

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It’s my pleasure and I do apologize for the confusion created at first.

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