Valentine's Scent Refusing to Drop? Just Me?

Curious if anyone else is having this problem…

I’ve probably spun about 100-150 of the regular (now heart-shaped) drop zone tiles in the last 8hrs and that little pink scent pod simply refuses to drop. :sob:

It doesn’t exactly make or break the game… just mildly irritating…


Keep on spinning, I am sure it will drop for u very soon, I already got mine.


I just got one. Was hoping Titanoboa was in it but no.

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I just got one from spinning an event drop! It doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be in them. After I got it, the event drop showed the icon for regular scent being maxed out, but I got the valentines scent instead of the regular one.

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I just got two valentine day scents, 1 from the pink and one from the green… sorry.

But tbh, I’m not too interested in the scent, I don’t run indoraptor, erlidom, tenrex, or rinex. I do plan to take out Thor, the only thing I’m interested is allo g2 and for sure I won’t get any allo g2. If we could I’d trade you… 1500 for 1 scent, so if you want both my scents, 3000 for both.

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I got Interaction from the green drops as well. Something’s off, but I don’t mind.

I got this scent from a regular drop after maybe 50 of 'em.


It’s appear to be drop by the weekly dinos drop box. I realized it accidentally.

I must have been really lucky today, I’ve got one from pink drop and two from green.

The special scents are often a pain to get. I had my coins less than 2k from max and everything else full before it would drop.

It’s not just you or this particular scent.



That’s quite unlucky.
With previous ones like harvest scent, sometimes I had them on the first spin, sometimes just like you right now.

Got two FIP Interactions from green drops just now and one a few hours ago. Quite odd…

I’ve gotten at least 30 Interactions and 10 Irresistible Scents from gree drops today

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Sshhhhh!!! Now they gonna fix it!

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What. WHAT

You heard him.
Don’t tell anyone!

yeah i got 2 pink scents today too

Spin green and keep quiet!

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Guys, it’s obvious, isn’t it? There are infinite “interactions” Because it’s Valentine’s Day. :kissing_heart::wink: Lootya, you dirty dog :smirk:

Also, the interactions only give a fraction of DNA. So I guess they decided it’s okay to let this one go.