Valentine's Scent Refusing to Drop? Just Me?

Plot twist: gets patched.

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Says the one posting about it on a Ludia forum :crazy_face:

Sometimes I wish there wasn’t a forum :roll_eyes:

I wish there wasnt a forum where some players spoil the fun for others.

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Oh, another bug that is actually good for the players fixed in seconds? Very impressive Ludia.

hey, when I’m done darting and spinning drops for the day, it’s time to expose the bugs so you don’t fall behind other people :rofl:

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You can’t patch love :two_hearts:

Also what’s up with this love hotel

I wanted to book a room with my snek for a few hours but they have a 2 day minimum stay :roll_eyes:

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I’m still waiting for my true snake love to come :disappointed:

Mine dropped but doesn’t show it dropped on the supply drop info screen. When I went out tonight I made sure I had 1 vday scent. Now I have 2. I saw it pop up once I got it but the icon never showed up. Now I have 2/2 anyway.

About an hour after this post, I got 3 from the green spinners… (2, used one, and still had 2). Don’t mind those bugs so much haha :upside_down_face:


That’s how you get DNA.

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Ludia finally patched it. We need to thank/blame everyone on this thread who talked about it :rofl: Don’t ever let others say that the ones on this thread lack common sense :rofl:

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They were probably the kids in school that reminded the teachers that they forgot to assign a homework lesson just before class let out.