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Valentines Strike Events


Not sure if anyone else has posted this but… :heart::heart:

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Only 1 rare feels bad

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Anything with an epic incubator is awesome.

Oofer gang.


I feel like the giant heart should represent something too.


I’m sure all the girlfriends will be happy we are running off after digital dinosaurs rather than spending time with them in Valentine’s Day.


Anyone got any inside info about what we will be facing?

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LOL - loving the love heart strike towers :heart_eyes:

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So I guess 1 normal epic is all we get a week now and 2 damn master towers great work supporting all the spoofs ludia!


God you moan more than me! And I live in Yorkshire.


Loving the DNA hauls from the Valentine Incubators - up there with the Lunar ones :+1:


The 5 strike tower (rare) has:

Velociraptor, Utahraptor, TRex
Allosaurus, Sino, Kaprosuchus (I think it was Kapro).

Nice incubator rewards, got me 2300+ Velociraptor!

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Me too - and about 500 Dimetrodon :slight_smile:


Supply drops just changed to hearts! :heart_eyes:


Haha nice!


Get yourself a girlfriend who plays JWA. They are the hottest anyway.

I realy hate this game with dracoceratops cheat. No fun this way

Good idea not sure my wife will like it though haha

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