Valhalla is Recruiting

We’re currently looking for a few good dragon riders for two of our clans! Everyone in Valhalla must use all alpha hits, participate in shared Discord server daily, and have great team spirit to go with their abiding love of dragons and Viking warrior instincts.

Valhalla’s Outlaws

Outlaws (5000 power guideline + good roster depth) is currently fighting 8 and 9 star alphas

Valhalla’s Children

Children has a lower threshold for admission (3500 power approximate) and level of commitment but still high demand for participation.

Want to get in on the mayhem? Please respond in the comments or via DM with the following:

• screenshots of full roster (not just main battle team)

• time zone (UTC ± X hrs)

• avg damage you do against what level alpha

• what clan you’re most interested in


Go Valhalla!!!

im with you go Valhalla boi….

Welcome to Ludia bruh! I’m Valhalla all the way!

Hey, not sure if you guys are still open. Looks like you have good clan structure, need a better clan, mine is getting stale. 5850 max roster, LVL 40, daily, 100k ish on alphas probably want to join outlaws. The forum is kinda clunky with messages just let me know if you have room thanks!

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Hey. You still looking? Cause outlaws is hiring :wink: hit me up on discord with your roaster. Isabella#6008


Do you want Me on your clan ?
Daily damage 150k minimum

Give me a hollar on discord isabella#6008

Ok i Am on discord peyrus78#6676

Sent to you :slight_smile: