VALHALLA — new round of recruitment open

:dragon_face: RIDE OR DIE with VALHALLA :crossed_swords:

Find Your Place in Our Family of Clans

1-2 spots currently available in all 4 of our clans, so here’s your chance :slight_smile: . Everyone in Valhalla must use all alpha hits, participate in shared Discord server daily, and have great team spirit to go with their abiding love of dragons and Viking warrior instincts.

Valhalla’s Finest

Valhalla’s flagship clan, with a truly bonkers level of commitment and participation. Finest is gearing up for a real run at the 10* alpha — we intend to be the first clan over this finish line! Must have not only have a well-developed dragon roster (5500K power minimum guideline, with advanced roster depth), strong game skills, and a consistent high damage record, but also be willing to go above and beyond in all ways.

Valhalla’s Outlaws

Outlaws (5000 power guideline + good roster depth) is Valhalla’s core clan of players, those moving up as well as those taking a break from the intensity of Finest or needing to further develop their dragons. We expect 100% commitment and participation, but not at the same level as Finest.

Valhalla’s Berserkers

The Berserkers are Valhalla’s newest expansion clan, expected to have 4000 power minimum guideline + decent roster depth.

Valhalla’s Children

Children is the point of entry for Valhalla’s family, with a lower threshold for admission (3500 power approximate) and level of commitment but still high demand for participation.

Want to get in on the mayhem? Please respond via DM with the following:

• screenshots of full roster (not just main battle team)

• time zone (UTC ± X hrs)

• avg damage you do against what level alpha

• what clan you’re most interested in


:wave: still recruiting! :boom:


Amazing clan here, learned so much!! I’m loving it, it’s like a big family


Still looking for more!


I DMed my info Dot_Gale.

Do I need to do anything else?

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I have DM’d you as well!

Outlaws is needing some fresh blood!!! Give dot a holler!!


Looking for a few outlaws!!

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Looking for one outlaw!!!