Valhallas Family is expanding

Are You Ready to RIDE OR DIE with VALHALLA?
Find Your Place in Our Family of Clans

We’re having so much fun with our dragons here in Valhalla that we’re expanding… we want as many Vikings as possible to be able to join in our organized mayhem! Spots currently available in all 4 of our clans:

Valhalla’s Finest
Valhalla’s flagship clan, with a truly bonkers level of commitment and participation. Finest is the clan you’ve seen posting the 10* alpha, and we’re only going up from here! Must have not only have a well-developed dragon roster (5500 power minimum guideline, with advanced roster depth), strong game skills, and a consistent high damage record, but also be willing to go above and beyond in all ways.

Valhalla’s Outlaws
Outlaws (5000 power guideline + good roster depth) is Valhalla’s core clan of players, those moving up as well as those taking a break from the intensity of Finest or needing to further develop their dragons. We expect 100% commitment and participation, but not at the same level as Finest.

Valhalla’s Berserkers
The Berserkers are Valhalla’s newest expansion clan, responding to the need to grow outward from both Outlaws and Finest. Berserkers are expected to have 4000 power minimum guideline + decent roster depth.

Valhalla’s Children
Children is the point of entry for Valhalla’s family, with a lower threshold for admission (3500 power approximate) and level of commitment but still high demand for participation.

Everyone in Valhalla must use all alpha hits, participate in shared Discord server daily, and have great team spirit to go with an abiding love of dragons and Viking warrior instincts.

Interested? Please respond via DM with the following:

  • screenshots of full roster (not just main battle team)
  • time zone (UTC ± X hrs)
  • avg damage you do against what level alpha
  • what clan you’re applying for

Hope to see you in Viking Heaven aka Valhalla!


Hey nice write up of your clans. I’m at about 6200 bp and I’m curious where youd put me.

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Hey Goat,

Can you add me on Discord? FarmerJay#6986

Active player, can battle every day. Around 20-30k dmg to 4 and 5 stars. 3980 bp. GMT + 2 Time zone. I’m applying for valhallas children.

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Greetings! I lack some depth, but I am getting close to a few of the trust dragons. Daily player, Depending on the alpha, I usually hit between 12-20k per energy used vs 6 and 7 star alpha. Eastern time zone, I’m usually on at 1pm for the start of the alpha, and about 2 hours before the end of the Alpha. I don’t think i’m quite ready for the Finest, but I think I would be a solid edition to the Outlaws. Please pm me if accepted, I need to leave my current clan that lost a few active members.

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Depending on availability, I would like to join your clan “Valhalla Finest” or “Valhalla Outlaws”. My time zone is UTC + 1 (Berlin).

Here you can see my roster. Team 1 is 6020 BP and Team 2 is 5501 BP.
Please contact me if a seat becomes available. Activity is available!

Greetings, Onkel


Can you put me on the discord? Kwami4ever#7018
-6 UTC (EST), about 8-13.5 thousand per energy. Applying for Valhalla’s Berserkers

Please DM me if I’ll be accepted.

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Hallo there,
I would like to join your clan. I am an active gamer, fighting the world dragon every evening. Here you can see my dragons. My first Team has 4,9k BP and the second 4,5 BP. I think I would perfektly fit in Valhallas Berserkers.
My time zone is UTC + 1 (Berlin).
If there is a place, please contact me. (LerayFirefly #4834)


Hey Leray,

As you say, you sound perfect for Berserkers. Add me on Discord and we figure the rest out :slight_smile:

Discord: FarmerJay#6986

Hi, I’m a very active player fighting the alpha everyday. My main team is currently at 4,9k, but I’m closing in on the big 5. If you’d have me, I’d love to join berserkers.


Hey Nauraka. Like I wrote on top of your message, add me on Discord and we can talk :slight_smile:

It seem like my discord is doing funny stuff. So if any others want to join, send a DM with your Discord username and ID

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the’re are me and one other person that may want to join… is Berserkers open?

Its a closed clan. But hit me up with a DM in here, and we can talk