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Valhallas Finest ~5000BP clan need members


I will make a clan for the dragon fighters around 5K BP. Feel free to reply and I will write you on the list. Activity is the most important feature for the members, so dont be scared just because you dont got 5K BP.

  • FarmerJay
  • FarmerJay wife
  • Ocarina588
  • Gorehowl
  • Annrace
  • Petrus6475
  • AJ_Kong
  • Gouldy
  • Sensey
  • Kenny_Dep
  • Kenny_Dep GF
  • Legendael
  • RealBishop

This is a temporary list of the people who replied to the post. When the update come we will see about the numbers I can fit in the clan, your activity and BP. I hope that I wont have to go under 4.5K BP. My goal is to get the best clan in the game.


clans seem to be released very soon

Hey , i don’t have 5000 bp yet , but I have 4500 .Is it ok for you?

4.8K here!

I’d join a 5000BP Clan. At 4900 now… Need more fish! But I’ll pass 5000k tomorrow or the day after.

5K was just for having something to start with and it was nice and round number.

I still dont know about how many members clan can have or how many over 5k will join. Maybe some other guy got a nice high BP clan I will join.

But as soon as the clan update come, I will see what happens. If im early out, I will make the clan and write the name in here. Im pretty sure activity is more important, then the fact about 4500 or 5000 BP.

Any good ideas for a name? :smiley:

True. Active players will get higher as it goes. Would be nice to have a Clan that can actually compete in clan activities though! As for name, just pick something northern.

  • Thors Raiders
  • Valkyries
  • Lokis Tricksters
  • Valhallas Finest
  • Force of Ymir
  • Balders Brave
  • Tyrs Elite
    Etc etc. :grin:
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I’m not quite at 5000, daily player without spending $. Would you consider anyone between 4000-5000? I’d like to make sure that I’m in an active guild.

I am at 4.3K at the moment. No $$ spent, daily player, love to join.

I am 5015 BP. Please count me in. I play this game everyday! My user name is AJK666666#5956

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I am 5271 atm :D. Count me in!

Nice to see all of you guys ready for some clan fun! I will update original post with the names of people ready to fight for Valhallas Finest.

Can see alot of people around the 4500-5000 BP, so I as long as your active players, I will try to make room for all of you. When the update comes, we will see how many players we can fit in our clan.

//Farmer Jay

I AM 5535 BP :slight_smile:

I will write you up :slight_smile:

Add my gf and i, I am 52xx and she is 43xx but full 5 star team

4.7k daily player

I’m only at 2.8 K :frowning:

Power 5.5k and growing

@Skrill_Raincutter that is a little too low. I will have you in mind if we got alot of room.

@Kenny_Dep and @Legendael I will write you up. Maybe I also need to have a place for my wife :smiley: