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Valhallas Finest ~5000BP Seeks members


I will make a clan for the dragon fighters around 5K BP. Feel free to reply and I will write you on the list. Activity is the most important feature for the members, so dont be scared just because you dont got 5K BP.

  • FarmerJay
  • FarmerJay wife
  • Ocarina588
  • Gorehowl
  • Annrace
  • Petrus6475
  • AJ_Kong
  • Gouldy
  • Sensey
  • Kenny_Dep
  • Kenny_Dep GF
  • Legendael
  • RealBishop

This is a temporary list of the people who replied to the post. When the update come we will see about the numbers I can fit in the clan, your activity and BP. I hope that I wont have to go under 4.5K BP. My goal is to get the best clan in the game.

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Seems like my other post always go missing when I edit OP. So lets just use this one and I will be carefull :slight_smile:

Sometimes the system will flag posts that are longer than normal so a moderator has to manually review them.

@Sara So the best thing to do is not make post to long i guess?

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Just noticed my nick ingame is Gorehowl82 btw :grin:

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please invite me. lv33 very active

my id: CR7#3343

thanks, see you guys soon

Were full mate :slight_smile:

Got a active squad that I love right now.

I was removed from the clan or this is a bug?

No need to take this talk in public. I have written you a DM in here. Hope to hear back from you.

//Farmer Jay

okay, just leave me a message when you need active member. anyway, i’m at 4896 now…5k in sight… thanks anyway

i have 4900, if you are still looking for members. TicoCar -5951

Hey Alenka :slight_smile:

I just filled the clan up today, I got 1 in my clan who maybe is getting a little tired of the game. So may I write back if a spot opens up? Would be nice to see a picture of your squad aswell. You can DM it to me if you want to :slight_smile:

//Farmer Jay

Same to you as i said to Alenka. Just filled the clan up. But would be nice if you will send a screenshot of your team to me. Then I will keep in touch.

//Farmer Jay

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my main team

4 and 5 stars teams, need to improve using duplicates that i cannot breed or draft until now

hope to hear from you soon…

Hey CR7, I’ve got a spot open in my clan! TheFinestFuries

We’re all pretty active and those that chat are really nice!

check your mailbox. hope to hear from you soon

are you still full or looking for members im 5.3k currently

Jonesy join Us

Two players, both 5000+ looking for a clan