Valiant scarbearer bug?

I’ve been leveling this guy up (I think), but every time I’m done he stays at level 1. “I think” he’s progressing, because his other stats are increasing, but I can’t be sure??!?image image image image

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yes … i have the same thing on the same dragon. but when you get her trained 3 times that goes away…

Hey TheDragonSlayer, this is caused by the training tier being higher than it should be. However, once the dragon reaches the required level for that tier, levelling will become visible again.

Our team is still looking into this issue. However, the dragons and resources you used for levelling Scarbearer are not lost.

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Did anyone notice that sometimes scarbearer’s “All foes take increased damage for 4 turns” ability is not activated? It doesn’t occur all the time but only very occasionally.

yeah… iv’e wondered about that. and you can’t see the difference in HP on the enemy.

I also wondered as well. I could never tell the difference when I use the ability as I used the Valiant Scarbearer all the time. Apart from that, I would like to know if All foes take % increased damage stacks with All Allies inflict % more damage.

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Exactly. Sometimes the “broken shield” animation is not activated when I use its skill, making me wonder if its a bug in the visuals or both.