Valkyries is looking for Warriors!

Valkyries is in search of active players. We have a discord, though it isn’t mandatory where we will share strategies and info with our team. It isn’t a closed group, but players inactive for 3 days or more will be booted. We don’t have a power cap, but we expect to have a group that is active and will communicate. Send me a pic of your roster and name and if you can agree to my 2 rules, you’re in!

  1. Be Active
  2. Have fun!

I understand that we all have lives such as work, school, etc. but all you need do is take 2 seconds to say “I won’t make it.” Just as a courtesy! Other than that, if you love HTTYD and love to play, I’d love to have you!


Bumping post

Looking for a clan 4300bp lvl 27, very active

I’ll make room!

Sent request!

Since I have not been successful in recruiting to my own clan… I’ll be abandoning it soon.

I’m in Australia, which means that new Alphas arrive at 1am. Thus I wouldn’t be able to play until 6-7 hours later. If there is a chance that I’d still get the opportunity to defend Berk at that time, I’d like to join you… (your clan name is very similar to mine).

Thanks for your consideration.

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Of course we’d love to have you! Since my group isn’t closed, we may have to coordinate a time where I can send a request and you get in successfully. I’m a night owl, so I’ll stay up late if I have to! Just let me know if you’re still interested and when you’d like to try this!

Bumping post

Hi i’m interested in joining! I’m an active player with a current team of 4860BP which is growing every day. If you have a spot left i would like to help out.


King Regards

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@Chelsea_Farmer and @Fnx I would love to have you both! Let me run this by my team in discord especially my roster manager. I believe we have a couple inactives we can drop. Is there a time I can coordinate with you both so I can drop them and add you both? Let me know!

you could do it know or whenever it works for you and your roster manager :slight_smile:

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I just want to make sure you’re able to get online when I do it. My group is open so I don’t want anyone to snatch your slot

They fill almost as quick as I open them. Will you be available 7 pm EST that’s about 40 mins from the time of this post? I will have the arrangements made and a request sent to you. I will send an invite then, and cross my fingers this finds you in time.

@Fnx and @Chelsea_Farmer I just sent invites. Please be quick! If you miss it let me know and I’ll coordinate another time

It wont let me join. It says i reached the maximum of daily clan accessions and i haven’t joined any clan :frowning:

@Fnx Yea, the slot filled up. :expressionless: We need to try another later time. At the moment it’s almost 3 am here. I need to sleep! But maybe think of a time you want to give it another shot and I will do so promptly!

Hey i randomly tried to join another clan but it said I’m only allowed to join 3 Clans at one day so i must have tried to much joining your clan :smiley:
Lets try it tomorrow again. My time zone is CEST. I will let you know once im allowed to join a clan again and we can work a correct time out.

Sorry for the trouble

@Fnx no problem! I will be looking out for your message!

Yup, it is actually applications, not joins

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Just saw that. Give me a time and time zone and I’ll be sure to be there.