Vanishing rare strike tower?

Does anyone see the rare strike tower on their maps? It expires in the next 5hrs or so… I’m at work and I was busy doing the strike tower events from work when my battery died. I charged it, started it up and then struggled to get back into the game for half hour or so…when I finally got in the strike tower was gone and I don’t see one anywhere near my office so it doesn’t look like I’ll get to do the rare tower but I was wondering if anyone else sees this tower on the map?

Restart the app and look again…

I did, someone in my alliance suggested I clear cache…which I did when I initially had trouble connecting but I cleared cache now again…still no tower near me. I wanna know if anyone else sees it because IF they do then I might need to drive around in my lunch break looking for it…if it’s gone for everyone though then I don’t wanna waste my time looking.

Today I had also trouble finding the Rare Strike. Found it around 3kms away but was late. Same thing happened in last week’s final Rare Strike. It was too far. Not able to reach in time. I was really hoping to get Dilophosaurus. Missed it.

Well now it’s too late for me to get this done too…my 1st missed strike tower in 7 months (not counting failed towers) …even when I had surgery earlier this year and was at home recovering I’d take a walk to where ever to find these towers…now the game just cost me one, thanks Ludia.