Various suggestions from leaders point of view

It would be great if we could name the sanctuaries. As we do a lot of Co op alliances.

At the end of tournament unable to see where team finished on the score board. Can see it during tournament but can’t see where we ended up as a team.

Would be great to have a tick box to show if players have done daily battle incubator or all tasks. Which leaders/officers can see

Would be good to have a tick box to show done 10 kills in tournament. Which leaders or officers can see. We know players have one.


That’s an awesome idea!

Being able to see who participates in what would be a great addition.
The weekend tournaments in particular are bothersome. Currently, we need to screenshot the pre tournament scores and compare them with the after tournament scores.
It’s a lot of effort for something that Ludia should have programmed in the first place.

It’s a cool idea, but I think bug fixing should be prioritized

Being an alliance leader as well I must say the amount of tools needed outside of this game is ludiacrous… need
• Excel to keep scores for Tournaments (so I know who got 10 or more)
• Toolbox for raid strategy
• Fieldguide for basic creature info
• Discord for proper chat
• Forum or any social media app for weekly calendar



Also to tack on, you can’t post pictures to the chats, so strategies need to be directly communicated over text if your alliance mates don’t have an outside app they can access.

The chat aspect of JWA has evolved beyond simple text. At this point, I rather Ludia fix actual issues rather than create a Discord function in game which given Ludia’s track record would be worse than not having this function at all.

Having a profile page for every member that only leaders can see and only when in their alliance would help in administration. So leaders can see how much each member contributes and see if some members are leeching. The profile page is also accessible to the player themselves as an ego puff. It resets every alliance reset so players cannot cruise on 1 week of hardwork to escape 10 weeks of base line work.


Actually what the leader of my alliance does is screenshot the tournament scores after each tournament ends so that he knows who has played in the next one

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I keep a spreadsheet of my players’ tourney scores, so I don’t need something in-game to tell me that they’ve done their takedowns, although it would be nice! I do desperately need a way to tell if they’re doing their daily missions, though, or at least how much they’re darting/how many battles they’re doing in a day, because that’s something I have no way to track on my own. Right now it can be very difficult to tell if someone is freeloading.

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I do also keep spreadsheets but it does get harder to as each week goes by to calculate how many have done minimum and above.

I did that before but comparing those is more work than filling out new scores and have excel do the calculations. Either way it’s stupid we’re supposed to run something without any ingame tools whatsoever

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I agree 100% with any idea that will ease the workload of leaders in alliances, but I can see why Ludia don’t do it.

As soon as the tournaments came along there was an immediate way to easily see who was and who wasn’t contributing to that particular aspect. Thus, no end of people were booted when it became apparent that they were not doing their bit. Leaders began to realise they were carrying certain players, other active players were peeved to see team mates doing little or nothing.

So imagine how it would be if every alliance member was being watched for their darting, their incubator count, their dbi etc… Some alliances already insist members join discord and post evidence daily. If Ludia made this an option for all alliances we would see even more people leave the game.

So for very serious alliances it would be great, but for the majority it might cause more problems than it would solve.


In any real life group game all are rewarded for their productivity. If you’re not productive for the group you won’t last long. If you’re not able or willing to play your part in such a game for whatever reason… you’ll probably end up playing single player games. (F/I not football/soccer/basketball but Tennis/athletics/kickboxing). No team will ever accept someone getting rewards for achievements they haven’t participated in.

So as long as Ludia rewards an entire team for their achievements… there should be transparency who contributed and who didn’t. Doesn’t even have to be in detail but at the very least the overall percentage they contributed to exploration & defence for instance. Or distribute the rewards accordingly instead of based on player level.

I’d find it a bit controlling to be able to see so much information about what my members are doing tbh, but I run a bit more of a relaxed alliance. I can see how it would help the stricter ones, and very few leaders want to be carrying members who are basically logging in for rewards once a week and not contributing. But remember the arena is very frustrating for a lot of players at the minute, and the weekly tournament rewards aren’t much of an incentive especially for lower levels. Someone can be a fantastic darter, raider, or donater, but hate battling. They could still have value in an alliance. If leaders could see whether daily tasks were being achieved etc, some players who are otherwise great contributers would feel forced to play parts of the game they don’t enjoy and it would start to suck the fun out of the game.


But that’s exactly the reason why it should be more transparent. In my alliance all are cherished for their participation. We don’t care if it’s on exploration or defence. But someone can open a 3 hour inc 3 times a day at low level and a lvl 20 will show for dna just because they opened rewards. That’s why it’s important we can see some info. Not all but enough to establish if they’re actually participating or not at all.

I 100% agree with leaders needing to be able to see more data so they can tell who is participating and who is not. Only being able to see the top contributor on alliance missions is no good. There is lots off freeloaders in the game and it’s not fair on those who contribute and play lots for people who just log in to claim rewards to get rewarded the same as those being active everyday and contributing to the alliance missions.

Why would you want to name sanctuaries?

This one is very much a must. I can’t tell who has or hasn’t and I have to rely on my officers to monitor everyone.

On our alliance we work with Ark and have 3 sancs and have to work out which one the dino needs to be placed in. So if people coils name them it would help

In our alliance we have an established spreadsheet dedicated to keeping track of everything a player actually does throughout the game during the course of each week, tournament, daily tasks etc.
Yes it is a true pain sometimes but it allows us to keep track of who is doing what and when and how often.
it details individual trophy count, daily tasks, weekly alliance tasks, etc but we also have a monthly spreadsheet as well allowing us leaders to follow an individual members tasks and it also allows us to rapidly spot members who try and sit idle by doing a mere handful of tasks, tourneys, but just the very bare minimum to get by. We take great interest in members that do this and nine times out of ten they get * friendly warnings * to ** please lift your game or why is this happening.?. why are your individual scores constantly on the lower end of the scale.
Most alliance leaders would agree with doing this and in actual fact are doing it in their own individual alliances already right now.!.
once every 2 - 3 months we hold an in alliance competition where our members can vie / compete for a special reward from the alliance leaders of their choice.
a truckload of dinosaur DNA or a gift card to a certain value on rare occasions as well.!.
Yes this game has its problems all games do some more than others we learn to live with it until the game improves over the life span of its run, updates are a real pain in the neck sometimes as they bring new bugs / glitches with them and we have grown to fully expect that as part of the game so it is pointless us whinging about it like a spoiled brat all the time !.
Presently 2 main issues are visibly present with all alliance chat rooms and they are this…>>>>>

  1. Everything is jumbled together in a heap making it a nightmare even at the best of times to make any sense of it all, causing utter confusion on a grand scale worse than a messy child’s bedroom. ( all parents know what i mean by this comment * messy child’s room * = everything thrown into a heap regardless of whether it is socks, blankets, shirts, pants etc etc )

  2. exchanging dinosaurs DNA via the chat rooms brings about the age old problem of endless scrolling back to the top of the page every time you want to collect the dinosaur DNA you have requested from fellow alliance members.

The solution to both of these problems listed above is actually quite simple really but we will have to wait until LUDIA can come up with a properly functional and fully working fix to the current problems with the alliance chat rooms but to solve them is easy getting that easy solution done is another matter entirely.

  1. Separate the chat rooms into its individual areas / sections with alliances having a separate chat room solely for that purpose alone and nothing else.!.

  2. The proper exchange of dinosaur DNA between members is also in its own section making it smoother and a lot faster overall for everyone concerned.
    This would also allow for future expansions if say for instance some time in the future LUDIA finally decide to allow alliance members to exchange EPIC, LEGENDARY or even UNIQUE DINOSAUR DNA ( APEX PREDATORS are fully exempt from this DNA exchange because they are a one of a kind special dinosaur and should by rights be kept out of any future exchange program if and when it is fully implemented. Currently we are very strictly limited to just COMMON & RARE dinosaur DNA which is a total bug bear leading to ingratiating frustration for almost 99.85% of the total player base in the game.!.
    Sooner or later it will finally be ironed out giving us all an enhancement for the game that all players have been requesting basically since the dawn of time ( shortly after the game was introduced all those years ago when * JURASSIC PARK and its future expansion JURASSIC WORLD were introduced into the world at large.
    I humble apologize if this post is somewhat overly long but i felt everything i have stated above needed to be said for all the players who enjoy this game immensely and want to see it improve for all not just a few * WHALES, or overtly RICH people who spend money like it is going out of fashion in the game to their benefit alone.

kind regards
Co Leader RampagingBirds JWA Alliance.