Vasilas should get a minor buff

As the hardest creature to get in the game, the bear is not very hard to be countered with, especially with the rise of newer powercreeps (particularly newer fierce creatures). I think it should get a least a little bit of buff. E.g. 50 percent resist to bleed; 50 percent resist to rent; more health or more armor (only need to choose one to two of them)


No, definitely not. Vasilas might need a small nerf, but clearly not a buff.

Yes, new creatures have been released that are even more broken. But this does not make the bear a balanced creature. We cannot always buff extremely strong creatures as soon as Ludia releases something more OP.

Currently there are about 10 creatures that are too strong compared to the rest. Ideally Ludia nerfs all of them. But of course not all of them need the same level of adjustment. Ref, for example, needs a much bigger nerf than Vasilas.

But unfortunately it is clear that this will not happen. Ludia does not even try to make a balanced game. Every new shiny dino is broken by design and will not be nerfed as long as enough players spend money on it…


Vasilas is super strong - I would not buff or nerf it. It fits into the meta quite well, and is a counter to many great creatures. I think it’s fine as is.

If we are gonna buff any Apexes, Gorgo and Haast Max both need buffs to keep up with meta. They are too beautiful to be forgotten like this.


True tho. But that’s only IF ludia decides to nerf them lol.
I think the best way to solve the current issue is to to nerf all the power creep creatures together, so their strength would be much closer to the more balanced creatures. But this method is going to need a bigger effort (might be similar to 2.0)
My opinion on vasilas is based on ludia’s current trend, which more and more power creeps are released. In that case, I wish vasilas can catch up the meta better.

Again this is imo

Does that mean vasilas only has to pay half the rent for an apartment? I might have to unlock vasilas if this change is implemented :flushed:

Jokes aside, nah, vasilas doesn’t need a buff. It was borked when it was released and got hard powercrept, I’d rather have the top dinos get nerfed down. Unlikely, but I can hope


Sorry just checked I mean rend lol

Tbh the description says vasilas lives in caves, so lower rent might be good for them too lol (living is hard these days, even for bears)


Vasilas shouldn’t get a buff

The things better than it should get minor nerfs


Vasilas, if anything, needs the swap in removed


Ok but fr, thats true tho